Thursday, February 22, 2007

~ Rode To Work ~

Yesterday I woke up to a bright blue sky and a work day looming ahead. I'm a substitute school librarian and I was called to work today. I have caught the sniffles and I was so afraid I wasn't going to be able to work, let alone ride. I woke up feeling better and was very happy to know that I was going to ride my motorcycle to work after all today.

While I was packing my brown bag lunch, my husband offered to pulled my bike out for me. The day was already getting nice and there was only a hint of chill in the air. Grabbing everything I would need, I headed off to work. I've worked at this school once before and was looking forward to the day there. The weather prediction for the day was almost 60 degrees and a nice day ahead.

This is the first time I have ridden my motorcycle to work and I was pretty excited about the new change. The winter weather has wreak havoc on our city roads. I had to stay alert for pot holes and, indeed, did dodge a few. Sadly, it was a short 15 minute drive and I was there. The kids in this school are very nice, I had plenty to keep me busy and the day went by quickly. Next thing I know it was time to head to my other part-time job. I do after school math tutoring and had to head off to that. The kids in my group are great and it's not because they think their math tutor is cool for riding a motorcycle, lol.

All in all, it was a fun day at work and a great ride there and back (despite the icky sniffles, lol). Sorry I wasn't able to get a photo to post with this.

Wishing you a great day in your part of the world,

Biker Betty :)


Pamela said...

You probably have to wipe drool off of it after the kids walk by

Anonymous said...

Betty it sounds like you had a good time...good for you :)

I'm sorry about the missing info on my post. I got caught up here at work and it took me a while to post the email address. It is there now.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I love your love of riding your bike, Betty...there is such a lot of joy in your words when you speak of riding.... It's Great!
Glad you had a really good day, in spite of the sniffles!

Giest said...

great to hear that you got out for a ride, betty! you be careful on those roads though. ;)

Biker Betty said...

Hi Pamela, You're probably right. The kids just love my purple motorcycle.

Hi Sarch, Yes, I did. Finally I got a good day when called to work.

Hi Naomi, It is so much fun to travel around on a motorcycle. I will be glad when the sniffles go away, though.

Hi Giest, thanks, I will be careful. The winter weather sure has messed up our roads and even cars have to watch out. Some of them have gotten flats hitting some of the more massive potholes.

Thanks to everyone for stopping by and leaving comments.
Biker Betty :)

Sharon Lynne said...

I was roaming around CWO and accidently found you! I ride too! But my bike is an off-road motorcycle! My husband and teen boys talked me into this! Glad to meet you! I'll be back.

Allen Madding said...

welcome to the society of motorcycle commuters!

Biker Betty said...

Hi Sharon Lynne,
Glad you found me and I have popped over to your blog. Cool pic of your family at Mammoth. Great to meet a fellow female rider. Keep in touch.

Hi Allen,
Thanks. It's not a regular routine like yourself, as I sub when needed. It's fun when I can and I hope to again tomorrow. I've been called again. Let's hope it's not too cold. I've had sniffles and the cold and my nose don't agree at this time, lol.

Take care,
Biker Betty :)