Wednesday, February 14, 2007

~ Here's What a BMW F 650 GS Looks Like ~

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In my next post I talk about a neat contest that happened this last summer. One of the ladies won a BMW F 650 GS and this is the bike, but in a different color from what she won. I was curious what the motorcycle looked like in real life, so this last summer during their competition I went over to the local BMW-Ducati of Southern Colorado to check it out.

It's a very cool bike, isn't it? I can just read your mind. Bet you're wondering if I'm trading in my bike for this model. It's a very cool bike and I love that it's dual - in that it can ride on both roads and dirt. My problem is they say they can't lower it to my height. It's about 1-2 inches too tall. Plus, I have to admit, I love my purple Yamaha V-Star 650. I was seriously looking at the BMW till we discovered it was a tad too tall. Oh well....

Read the brief summary about the contest in the next post and click on over to see the cool pics and YouTube videos they have published.

Wishing you a Happy Valentine's Day,

Biker Betty

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Funny Note: My 18 year old son is calling today "SAD Day" "Singles Awareness Day," which he says rather sadly.


Eagles Wings said...

Sweet! That's all I can say, I miss my Honda Shadow 500, but I had to sell it years ago. Hubby said once we had kids I could never ride again, he didn't want to raise the kids alone..So sweet!
So I told hime I would settle for a boat :-)

Mike said...

I used to want one of these. I ended up with a Yamaha 750 though. Wish I still had it.

Bill Sommers said...

Oh, would that bike be perfect for Old Billy Boy! I NEED one.

Have fun,

Melli said...

Wow! NOT-a-Harley that my hubby couldn't even say JAP TRASH about! LOL! That looks pretty... quick!

Pamela said...

Do you have an extra helmet?
I'm starting to trust you.. ha ha ha ha

Barbara said...

I hope you had a great valentines day!

Anonymous said...

Your son sounds like a funny guy Betty.

That is a nice looking ride but I think you would miss your cruiser on the long rides during the summer!

Sanni said...

Now: Another WOW falls out of my mouth!

Happy Valentine´s Day!

Biker Betty said...

Hi Eagles Wings, Now there's a reverse situation. I keep hearing about the wife making the husband sell. My husband is constantly being told how lucky he is to have a wife bike too, because as much as they want to their wife won't let them. Maybe some day you will get to ride again.

Hi Mike, Maybe some day you will get another.

Hi Bill, You're having a blast with your scooter. I enjoy reading all about your adventures. I've also known some people have more then one two wheeled vehicle, gasp!!!

Hi Melli, I never did find out what it tops out at. It doesn't matter, as I'm not into speeding like that, lol.

Hi Pamela, My younger son has his helmet, does that count?

Hi Barbara, I hope your Valentine's Day went great too.

Hi Sarch, Yea, my eldest loves to joke around. He's had great training from his dad, lol. I've heard this BMW rides well long distance, but since it's a tad too high to even get down the street I guess I will never know. They need to make more motorcycles for us short folks, lol. I'm just grateful that my V-Star fits so well. And I have to say again that the fact that it is purple is such a plus, LOL.

Hi Sanni, LOL, it's a beautiful motorcycle. It was fun just sitting on it. I like that it weighs a little less then my present bike and yet they're both 650.

Wishing everyone wonderful adventures in your part of the world,

Biker Betty :)

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