Sunday, November 10, 2013

I have been gone from blogging long enough that I have discovered that most of my motorcycle links are no longer active.  Seems many bloggers have had the same problem as me, finding time and neglecting family.  My two sons are now grown up.  The eldest is 25 and has been out of the house for a few years.  I'm just thankful he only moved away an hour from us and no further.  He's close enough to still visit and we really enjoy those visits every four months or so.  He comes down and visits on the occasional weekend with his girl friend and we really enjoy those times.

The youngest (19 yrs old) just graduated from high school this last spring and still lives at home to do his four years of college.  I know those 4 years will go by too fast.  I know we raise them to fly the nest when they are ready to live on their own...but...I'm not ready (cry!!!).

I do hope to find new bloggers and post a little more frequently.

Wishing You Happy Memories In Your Part of the World,
Biker Betty

Hello, Still Here

Still biking, but not posting like I used to.  I know a few bloggers have had this happen.  I got out of the habit of blogging and it's hard to get back into it.  It's like exercising, you stop and it's hard to get back into the swing of things.  I've been using more of my spare time to hike and get healthier.  Lost a few pounds in the process :)

I changed jobs and come home some days exhausted.  Just don't have the time I used to to blog.  I am looking at upgrading my motorcycle.  I'm short (5'2") and the only way to upgrade it to go three wheels.  So, I'm looking at the Spiders.  Just may go that route in the spring of 2014.  I love my V-Star 650, but I have gotten enough miles on it that the last trip to the Red River Rally in New Mexico was hard on it.  Now when I take a long trip it springs a leak or something breaks after I get back.  I should be thankful that it hasn't broke on a trip.  So I'm thinking hard about the Spiders.  I know a few riders here with them and they love them.  I'm looking at a long trip to Louisiana next summer and just might make this change :) 

Happy Travels in Your Part of the World,
Biker Betty