Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Great Day Today

This morning I get up to 54 degrees F. It is a bit cooler, but still manageable with my summer mesh jacket. I can tell the sun is slowly starting to rise later as the days go by. I didn't need my darker sunglasses this morning.

When I got off work it had warmed up to 78 degrees F. and very sunny. I kept my liner in my jacket, as I was too lazy to take it out - knowing I needed it back in in the morning. The rest of this week is suppose to be pretty warm in the afternoons. Mornings are cooler these days.

Before leaving the school today I was putting overdue notices in teacher's boxes to give to kids. I'm still surprising staff with my riding gear. A teacher walks into the office while I was busy and she exclaims her surprise that I ride. The secretary laughs, as she knows, and says they didn't realize they hired a wild woman onto the staff, lol. So far all the responses from the staff have been positive and they love that I ride. I get lots of support and fun comments from them. They are surprised that I ride when it's overcast and rain is forcasted.

I will say that if it's raining real hard when it's time to go to work I will most likely wimp out and take the van. I don't worry about the afternoon rain. I just don't want yucky hair when I get to work. Hey, I'm a girl and this girl does want to look halfway decent during the day, lol. My long hair sticks out from under the helmet and what a mess when it gets wet :(

On that note, I must get to bed. I'm having to get up at 4:50am and that time comes too early.

Wishing you great rides,

Biker Betty :)

Beat the Weather Yesterday

Yesterday when I rode to work it was 58 degrees F and overcast. The ride to work wasn't too bad and there was a beautiful sunrise to enjoy. I tried to catch it in the above photo, but it didn't show much. As I rode down the road the red got more brilliant and bold, but I didn't have enough time to stop and snap a photo. I didn't leave enough margin of time to travel to work, sigh.

Boy, did I luck out with the weather. A teacher comes walking into the library in the early afternoon and declares it raining. She knows I ride to work and thinks it probably the end of the world for me, lol. I said that rain is no problem, as I have rain gear if I need it. By the time I get off work at 3pm the rain has stopped and just about everything is dry. As I walk up to my V-Star I see some signs of the previous rain, as there were water droplets not yet dried on my bags and parts of my motorcycle. There's a little pool of water on my odometer.

Guess what? After I get home and go to put my Star in the garage it starts to rain. Luck is with me today. It warmed up to 64 degrees F for the ride home. I wasn't sweating with the liner in my jacket this afternoon. There was a slight cool breeze.

A cool thing happened on the way home. At one of the stop lights a teenager hung out the passenger window of the car she was riding and yelled "Awesome bike - way to go!!" and she gave me the thumbs up. I gave her a great big smile and wave. Who knows, maybe she will be a future rider?

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

This morning I was oblivious to the weather as I backed my motorcycle out of the garage. It was chilly, but not bad. It was a balmy 54 degree F.

I happened to look left first and saw the above sky. I was busy maneuvering my bike, as my son's car is in the driveway, and I have to move the bike forward and backward a few times to be able to get around his car and out of the driveway. Yesterday he parked too close to the garage and I had to get my car keys and move it back a little - kids!!!

Then I looked right and saw all the clouds. I missed the news last night and was wondering what was in store for the weather today. My usual philosophy is: "If it's not raining or freezing before I get to work, it's a good day to ride." I can handle the rain going home no problem, but I need to watch out that there aren't thunderstorms about the time I get off. I have gotten caught in one a few times in the past and that wasn't pleasant at all. It also depends on how bad the rain is falling at the time I need to leave for work. If it's a light sprinkle, I will forge ahead.

I can tell it's getting close to fall. Mornings are still manageable with my summer motorcycle jacket and it's liner. Two days ago I had to start using the liner in the morning. Today it was 82 degree F when I got off, but I was too lazy to take the liner out. I did sweat some going home, but I knew I'd need the liner again the next morning.

I will hate the day when I have to put my purple jacket away for the winter. I'm on the hunt for a purple leather jacket with all the armor. I do still have my eyes on a black leather Harley Davidson winter jacket that I talked about in the spring. It has all the armor that I require. It's kind of expensive, but hey - I've got a job, lol. Shhhhh ... don't tell my husband ;) With that jacket I won't have to buy another for many years to come - till a purple leather one comes out!!! The black jacket will go well with my purple ICON helmet.

I must go and catch the 10pm news to see what's in store for tomorrow's weather.

Wishing you adventurous journeys,

Biker Betty :)

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Colorado Beauty

Here's a quick glimps of some of what I got to see lots of this summer. Sorry about the spot in my pic, but my camera has something on the inside that shows when the background is light. I'm in the process of trying to get it fixed.

Anyway, all these photos were taken when my hubby and I took our motorcycles on a trip to Arapaho National Forest. We also went on to Rocky Mountain National Forest, but I will save those pics and most of the trip for later. I know there is lots of beautiful places on this planet and Colorado is one of them. Oh yea... I'm luv'n it :)

We stopped to visit my parents and my mom just had to take some photos. I'm getting a lot of practice on many miles of dirt roads. My skills are definitely improving. I was so awesome on the twisties coming up here. Two years ago my husband kind of complained that I was too slow on the turns - this year I was about running him over, lol. There were a few turns that I was frustrated and surprised that he was taking them so slowly. He was amazed at my skill and I was having soooo much fun. He hasn't had much time this summer to get comfortable with his new (used, but new to him) Suzuki Intruder. He is really liking it, though.

This is just a teaser of some of the riding I got to do this summer. I didn't get to ride as much this summer, as last, but what I got to do was lots of fun!!! We did a lot more family camping and couldn't ride as much. We still had lots of fun.

Hoping your summer was great,

Biker Betty :)

Ride to Work Full-time Now

Here is a big and long overdue ....

******* Hello *******

to all my friends out there in cyberspace. Very sorry for not posting in a while, but boy do I have a lot of adventures and photos to share from the summer!!! First thing - I now have a full-time job, and yea, I know a lot of you think I'm crazy, lol. I did get a librarian position in a school, not the original school I tried for earlier in the summer. You were right that God has a reason for things not to happen at times. This school is awesome and my fellow workers are very nice to work with and the students are great. For the last three weeks I have been riding my motorcycle to work and the staff and students have boosted my ego beyond what it should be, lol. They love my purple motorcycle and that a "girl" rides it.

The reason I haven't posted about it sooner was I was just too pooped when I got home to barely do anything. I'm getting used to the hours - I not a morning person :( !!! I have to be up at 5am to be to work at 6:30am. So in the dark hours of morning, and a time I never knew existed, I'm backing my motorcycle out of the garage and preparing for a nice ride to work. It is getting darker, but the drive is nice. Not many people on the road, I wonder why?!?!?!? For the drive home I have discovered a different route. To return home the way I get to work, the roads are very busy and take twice as long in the afternoon. I have found a different route that is no where near as busy and a nice drive home.

That's it for now. I need to get dinner cooked - speghetti with my homemade sauce. I'm going to visit most of you in the next few days and say hello. Thanks for all the nice comments and see you soon,

Biker Betty :)