Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Great Day Today

This morning I get up to 54 degrees F. It is a bit cooler, but still manageable with my summer mesh jacket. I can tell the sun is slowly starting to rise later as the days go by. I didn't need my darker sunglasses this morning.

When I got off work it had warmed up to 78 degrees F. and very sunny. I kept my liner in my jacket, as I was too lazy to take it out - knowing I needed it back in in the morning. The rest of this week is suppose to be pretty warm in the afternoons. Mornings are cooler these days.

Before leaving the school today I was putting overdue notices in teacher's boxes to give to kids. I'm still surprising staff with my riding gear. A teacher walks into the office while I was busy and she exclaims her surprise that I ride. The secretary laughs, as she knows, and says they didn't realize they hired a wild woman onto the staff, lol. So far all the responses from the staff have been positive and they love that I ride. I get lots of support and fun comments from them. They are surprised that I ride when it's overcast and rain is forcasted.

I will say that if it's raining real hard when it's time to go to work I will most likely wimp out and take the van. I don't worry about the afternoon rain. I just don't want yucky hair when I get to work. Hey, I'm a girl and this girl does want to look halfway decent during the day, lol. My long hair sticks out from under the helmet and what a mess when it gets wet :(

On that note, I must get to bed. I'm having to get up at 4:50am and that time comes too early.

Wishing you great rides,

Biker Betty :)


Giest said...

I'm with you betty! I don't like riding to work in the rain. I can handle getting wet on the way home, but it takes forever for all my gear to dry off at work. Especially seeing there is no where to hang it up. It ends up draped over my monitor and desk dripping water everywhere. Not sure why, but they don't appreciate that...lol.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it interesting how riding seems to connect us to nature in so many ways? You become very connected to things like weather patterns, seasonal changes and sunrise / sunset times. If you only ride in a car, totaly alienated from the world around you it becomes much more difficult to live in the moment and truly "see" what is going on around you in the world. We seem to have that as children then slowly lose it as we grow older and more involved in the details of our personal lives.

KT Did said...

Yea, wet is good only if you do it once in awhile....
54 is colllldddddd!! brrr. I'm a spoiled California girl...
Remember how warm it was in Sacto! Yikes:)

Meet said...

Thats Really nice

Mustang said...

oh yes.. riding in the rain is absolute bliss.. but riding in the rain to work, is an absolute no no.. Rains have started in my city here and its getting muckier to get to work, wet and dripy..

but its fun nevertheless.

Ride safe betty

bikerphoto said...

I remember when I first got a rainsuit many years ago. I could not wait until the next rainy day so I could test it out. And test it out I did!

I enjoy riding in the rain, especially on a lightly traveled back road in a warm steady rain. There is something peaceful about it.

Ride safe Betty! My wife also rides a V Star 650 :-)

Linda R. Moore said...

* knock knock knock *

You haven't blogged for a while...are you okay?


Giest said...

You still out there Betty?

Anonymous said...

Just thought I'd see what you were up to Betty. Nothing since September! I guess its pretty cold out there.
Merry Christmas!

Slablog said...

Let's see if it works now.

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Good day and wish you great rides.
Ride safely!