Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Colorado Beauty

Here's a quick glimps of some of what I got to see lots of this summer. Sorry about the spot in my pic, but my camera has something on the inside that shows when the background is light. I'm in the process of trying to get it fixed.

Anyway, all these photos were taken when my hubby and I took our motorcycles on a trip to Arapaho National Forest. We also went on to Rocky Mountain National Forest, but I will save those pics and most of the trip for later. I know there is lots of beautiful places on this planet and Colorado is one of them. Oh yea... I'm luv'n it :)

We stopped to visit my parents and my mom just had to take some photos. I'm getting a lot of practice on many miles of dirt roads. My skills are definitely improving. I was so awesome on the twisties coming up here. Two years ago my husband kind of complained that I was too slow on the turns - this year I was about running him over, lol. There were a few turns that I was frustrated and surprised that he was taking them so slowly. He was amazed at my skill and I was having soooo much fun. He hasn't had much time this summer to get comfortable with his new (used, but new to him) Suzuki Intruder. He is really liking it, though.

This is just a teaser of some of the riding I got to do this summer. I didn't get to ride as much this summer, as last, but what I got to do was lots of fun!!! We did a lot more family camping and couldn't ride as much. We still had lots of fun.

Hoping your summer was great,

Biker Betty :)


BikerDan said...

Lovely... Colorado really is heaven for bikers.

Dawn said...

Girl I'm so jealous...look at the mountains!!!!

Pamela said...

I guess you showed your husband a thing or two!

good job.