Saturday, March 31, 2007

My Life Has Gone to the Dogs, Literally!!!

The above photo is exactly what it has been like since last Friday, lol. We have one dog, which I posted about, and we love animals. So when our friends were going on a family vacation they asked if we could watch their golden retriever. We tried it first, just to make sure the two dogs got along. The first time didn't go well, but I suggested we try it again without them around. The second time Rocky came over and it went very well without his family around. He was too protective with them around.

So last Friday Rocky came over to stay for just over a week. Him and our dog did have some squirmishes, but nothing much to write home about. Rocky's only fault is that he loves to get in Herbie's face and usually lick him. Herbie hates this intrusion of his personal space very much, lol. The above photo shows exactly how Herbie feels. He's the golden one facing us. That's the back of Rocky's head as he licks Herbie. Talk about a Kodak moment.

Things were going so well, that when another friend's neighbor backed out at the last minute, I agreed to watch her dog also. I knew for a fact Herbie and Vice get along well and thought one more wouldn't matter - WRONG!!! Naively, I picked up Vice and brought her to our happy home on Wednesday.

We nicknamed Vice "Cujo." Need I say more. She was the instigator of many dog arguements. When she bared her teeth, Cujo came to mind, lol. We had to keep her kenneled most of the first day. She would pick fights with the other two dogs and the first picture is what would greet me when I walked into the room. It was "dog fur in a blur." The above picture is Vice and I never imagined she would cause such huge trouble for such a small dog. By the second day she learned that if she behaved better she wouldn't get locked up in her kennel - much.

Whenever friends come over and ring the doorbell all hell breaks loose. The snarling those dogs do scares the hardiest of souls on the other side of the front door. They make great watchdogs all together. When we open that door no one's sure they even want to come in and, of course, the dogs are still snarling like they haven't been fed in weeks. The UPS man couldn't run fast enough on Thursday. I'd never seen that truck take off so fast in all my life.

Yesterday Vice's family came to get her. She was actually suppose to stay till today, but that family trip got cut short due to one of them getting sick. So now I'm down to the original two dogs. Rocky is lots of fun to have around. With my son's help, we got the two to stand still long enough for a photo. We have nicknamed them "Laural & Hardy," lol. Don't they look it? Rocky on the left tall and skinny, "Laural," plus he's much younger and springs all over the place. He also has curly and unruly hair. Herbie on the right, "Hardy," short and fat and he's much older and meanders around. He's the older more distinguished and responsible one.

Sometimes being an animal lover can get me in the dog house. The first dog my husband had agreed to watch, but he was very unhappy with the second addition. Oh, did I mention that she pee'd in his briefcase within 10 minutes of me bringing her into our house. Yes, I was dog chow that night!!

Tomorrow Rocky goes home and our home goes back to normal. Herbie will be very happy to have his house to himself. He will be one happy dog and maybe I will be out of the dog house with the Vice fiasco.

Have a great weekend,

Biker Betty

Friday, March 30, 2007

~ This Weeks Photo Hunters Theme is "Water" ~

I hope no one is tired of seeing my motorcycle scavanger hunt photos from last summer. It just so happens that I had another that matched this week's theme, lol. In the background is a "water"fall. This particular day I was riding with the Mountain Shadow Riders up to Terryall, Colorado. During this trip we got a little rain, almost snow, and lots of cold wind. Later in the ride most of us put on our rain gear and were quite warm. This ride, like all of them, was a lot of fun.

If you're ever looking for fun, I highly recommend taking the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) beginners course, pass it and get the motorcycle endorsement on your drivers license and get yourself a motorcycle.

Ladies, motorcycles aren't just for guys anymore. The motorcycle companies are recognizing this and making great motorcycle gear for us now. They just need to make more motorcycles for shorter people, that's my only complaint!! But they can lower some of the models, so don't let that stop you. After the MSF course you won't be intimidated by them. They do a great job of breaking it all down in manageable chunks for learning. So you gotta get a motorcycle. It is just loads of fun!!!

Wishing you many adventures,

Biker Betty :)

Friday, March 23, 2007

~ This Saturday's Theme is Empty ~

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These pictures were taken last summer for the MSR motorcycle scavanger hunt. I had to have my motorcycle taken with the World Arena. During this time of day the huge parking lot was "empty."

It was a gorgeous day for these photos and it was the second time I ventured out on my own with my motorcycle for a long ride. When the day was said and done I had done 129 miles on August 28th of last year. I went to Penrose and back and was it fun!!!

Wishing you many travel adventures,

Biker Betty :)

Monday, March 19, 2007

~ It Was Another Great Day For A Ride ~

It was a wonderful day and I didn't get called in to work today. I have a friend who lives up in the mountains and I needed to get something to her. Seems like great ingredients to ride, but then, who really needs a reason? It was 46 degrees, but I had to wear my winter gloves and put the liner back into my jacket. Going up into the mountains always gets chilly at this time of year. On my way was the Garden of the Gods. I thought it would be neat to stop and get a few photos. This is one of my favorite places to hike and climb. It has a great visitors center that I have visited in the past. Today I just stopped for some photos and then got on my way.

It was a great drive up Hwy 24. At 10:30 am there wasn't much traffic. It was a very enjoyable drive, but I was glad I had worn my warmer gear. I was comfortable because of it. I got the stuff delivered, had a nice visit and lunch. By the time I got back to the Springs the temperature was in the mid 60's F.

I drove 61 miles, visited a friend and thoroughly enjoyed my V-Star 650. What more can a person ask for?

Wishing you travel adventures in your part of the world,

Biker Betty :)

Friday, March 16, 2007

~ And There Were Drinks All Around ~

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A small group of the Mountain Shadow Rider's (MSR) took a ride this last Saturday after our monthly meeting. I wrote about it just before this post. We took off about 11:15am and I got back at 3pm. It was a nice long ride. While down in Canon City, we stopped at Coyote's Coffee Den for a quick bite to eat. We had rain threatening to dump on us in the distance.

The main reason for stopping at the Coyote's Coffee Den is that they were one of our sponsors for our very successful 2006 Breast Cancer Awareness Ride. I know I will stop there again the next time in Canon City. They have cozy southwestern decor and it was very pleasant to sit there and have a lunch. I can highly recommend their food. I got half a sandwich with the "works" and I wasn't one bit disappointed. It was very healthy and yummy.

Thanks to the Coyote's Coffee Den and all our other sponsors, the Mountain Shadow Riders broke all previous records by earning over $5,700. All of which went to the local affiliate of the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. This was MSR's sixth year with this fundraiser. Over 230 people registered for the run and over 100 businesses and merchants donated over $3,000 in prizes. We owe a huge "Thank You" to everyone who helped.

We will be doing the 2007 Breast Cancer Awareness Ride again in October. Anyone who lives in Colorado Springs be on the lookout for the flyers all over town in late summer.

The group was very willing to help me with this week's theme. So everyone grabbed their drinks - soda's & coffee's - and gathered around so I could get a pic. Aren't they great? Thanks everyone for helping me out.

And because I was holding the camera, here I am with my drink of soda. As I mentioned in my previous post, we did manage to get back without getting rained on. It downpoured an hour after I got home, whew!! I hope everyone else got home before it rained on them. I know a few had errands to do before heading to their homes. One of the ladies had a bike that kept cutting out on her and she wanted to get it in the shop pronto.

Wishing everyone a great weekend,

Biker Betty :)

Thursday, March 15, 2007

~ Nice Long Ride This Last Saturday ~

This last Saturday the Mountain Shadow Riders (a chapter of Women on Wheels) had our monthly chapter meeting. It was fun seeing everyone. We've got a lot of runs/activities lined up for the summer and I can't wait!!! The details have to be finalized, but our summer scavanger hunt has been decided on. Starting April 1st and going thru October 31st, we are to find businesses with either the words "Mountain" and/or Shadow in their title. We are to get a picture of our motorcycle with their sign. This will be a lot more difficult and some serious searching to find. But I'm up to the challenge!!

After the meeting those of us who could, gathered at 11am for a "Saddle Time Ride." We started off with, I believe, 11 motorcycles and 12 people. Added 4/7/07 - I can't believe I forgot two people, but I did. We had two of our members following in their car as back up, if anyone were to pull out and need assistance. Well, at a couple of time we did have some ladies pull out and off to the side of the road. Paula and Don stopped to offer any needed assistance. Paula and Don live up in the mountains and couldn't ride their bikes into town due to ice. But they came on the road trip and were very helpful a couple of times. Thanks Paula and Don, your help was appreciated by all.
We lost one before getting out of town. She was having problems with her contacts. The sky was overcast and threatening to rain. It was pretty windy all the way to Penrose down Hwy 115. Passing Penrose we stayed on Hwy 115 and somewhere we got on another hwy. I wasn't sure where we were going. Good thing I wasn't leading this group, lol. After a while we emerge on the main drive thru Canon City. As soon as we got on the main drive (Hwy 50), I recognized where we were.

We headed out of the city on Hwy 50, going west. A couple of miles out of town we took a right onto the famous Skyline Drive. I had never been on this road and I will never forget it. It's an extremely narrow paved road that rises 800 feet above Canon City. It's a one way road, thank goodness!! It is very steep going up and I kept hoping no one in front of me had any reason to stop before we got on level ground. I found out that this road was built in the early 1900's by convict labor chain gangs. I'm sure back then it was a dirt road.

Here we are at the top. We pulled off into a gravel pull-out and this is when one of our group had an oopsy-daisy. Her brand new Harley fell down. She's not sure what happened, but with gravel things can get squirrely. I've seen an experienced biker accidently drop a bike in gravel. It just happens sometimes. Many jumped to her aid and got her righted up. She was okay and there were only a few scratches on her Harley.

We took a little time to enjoy the view. It dropped for a long ways down. As you can see in the above photo. The above is a view to our right.

Here is the same view looking straight down!!!

Here is the view on our left side. It a great view of Canon City.

Here I am, helmet hair and all, lol. After we had a chance to look around, it was time to get going. It was raining off in the distance and we hoped to get home dry. We did stop on the way home at a coffee shop for a quick bite to eat. This particular shop was one of our awesome sponsors for our breast cancer run last year. Come back tomorrow night and I have a special post about that stop. I had my fellow comrade riders help me with the Saturday Photo Hunt.

It was soooo fun to have a nice long ride. It had been a while since I have been on my motorcycle for that long a ride. We left at 11:15am and I got home at 3pm. When it was all said and done, I had 131 more miles on my Star. An hour after I got home it downpoured. What great timing.

Wishing you travel adventures in your part of the world,

Biker Betty :)

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

Here's why I didn't participate in the last Wordless Wednesday. See first comment for details.

My favorite penny slot machine while there.

Monday, March 12, 2007

~ It was a very nice ride to work today ~

To work in this particular school's library I have to get up at the crack of dawn. I'm not used to having to be up at 5:15 am. I really didn't know this time of morning existed till I subbed here a few times, lol. But I do love these hours. When I get off work I still have time left to do something and I'm off in time to get my youngest son from school. I like doing that.

This morning was a balmy 40 something degrees. As you can see by the photo above, it was dark when I pulled out my bike and started it up. You can just make out the lights.

On the way to work I stopped at a shopping mall to get a picture of the sun starting to rise. It was very pretty. There were lots of people on the road this morning, but it was still a lot of fun riding to work. I kept a careful watch of the other cars and chugged along like the rest of them.

The above picture is a photo taken at the same mall from another direction. I love the colors on the horizon and the moon above. Talk about a nice time of day. I get to work safe and sound and even found another motorcycle in the parking lot. Of all things, the helmet is on the ground next to the bike. I find this curious. I take mine in the building, carrying my lunch in it, lol.

Now this is the same school that I did a post on March 3rd. Some of you had asked me to report if the office lady still treated me with apprehension as the last time. I walked in this morning, certain she would remember me, with a smile on my face and a cheery good morning. Well, she squelched that pretty quick. I have since learned she's just not an outgoing person. As soon as I walk in it's just about the same routine. She asks my name - I tell her. She asks who I'm subbing - I tell her. At first she seems not to believe me. I'm thinking "Oh man, here we go again" and brace myself.

The whole process in the office went much quicker this time and I get my sub badge and hightail it out of the office and head to the library. I'm now used to the curious stares of the students. If I sub here enough, they will get used to me, lol.

I find that kids at the elementary level so much more outgoing and excited about motorcyclist. They give me thumbs up and talk excited to me about motorcycling. You can tell they love motorcycles, both the boys and girls. The girls are especially excited to see another "girl" riding something that only boys seem to get to do. The girls love the purple motorcycle.

Like all the other schools I have worked at, I really enjoy working in this school. I have a friend working in the library. Her son and my son went to the same elementary school together and that's how we met. Now I have made quite a few friends at this school and enjoy the day. The day once again went by very fast.

The next thing I know I need to hop on my bike and head for my other school that I do afterschool math tutoring for. By now it truly is a balmy 70 degrees and a very nice ride. I get to the other school. When I walk into the tutoring room with my gear on, as I'm running a little behind, a few of the girls in the other group are giving me the thumbs up. This surprised me, as they have never done that before. The smiles on their faces said it all. The boys followed suit and we shared a fun moment together. Then it was time to get down to the business of math for the next half hour.

What an awesome day and awesome ride. I'm so glad my husband and I took the Motorcycle Safety Foundation beginner's course and got motorcycles two years ago. My purple V-Star 650 custom is very cool and fun to ride.

Wishing you great rides to work,

Biker Betty :)

Friday, March 09, 2007

~ This Saturday's Theme is Architecture ~

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When I learned of this week's theme I immediately thought of this picture taken last summer. I love the architecture of this building. It was taken for the Mountain Shadow Rider's scavanger hunt. I needed to find a red building. It's funny how things work out. This is where we did all the paper work to buy our house.

Monday, March 05, 2007

~ Sunday Riding ~

I get up this morning expecting to drive my van to church. My husband has to get there early and goes on his motorcycle. I actually don't feel envy this time, as I know there are times when one or the other of us can ride our motorcycles when the other can't. I get the youngest son up for him to eat and go to church with me. There was just one little hiccup. Yesterday evening he went to a birthday party that also went to the theater. He got home late and now I can't get him to stir. So I wake up the eldest to bring his younger brother to church when he goes to Sunday School."

Suddenly I'm the only person going in the van. Well, gosh, that's a waste of gas, isn't it? I had decided earlier this morning I wasn't riding today with my youngest on my motorcycle. There are spots of gravel on the road and I didn't want to take a chance with him on my motorcycle. You see, yesterday after dropping my son off to his party with the van I skidded on gravel. The backend of the van fishtailed a little. I know that if I had been on the bike, it might have gone down. But I also know I would have been a whole lot more careful and it probably wouldn't have happened like in the van.

So now it's just me. I can manuever around the spots of gravel, there was just no way I wanted to chance anything with my younger son on the back. So I change to "Travel Plan B." I quickly change my shoes to my motorcycle boots, pull my motorcycle out of the garage and get all my gear. Yahoo, I'm riding my Yamaha V-Star 650 to church!!! It's a gorgeous morning and I can't wait to get out and on my way.

The above picture is of my bike at church. I get there with no problems. There were patches of gravel to steer around, but nothing scary. As you can see, the sky is a beautiful crystal clear blue and a great day to get out on the bike.

After getting back from church, my husband and I decided there were errands to be done. First stop was Wally World (Walmart). After getting what we needed I snapped the above photo. How can you beat a view like that?

Or a view like this? Look at that sky. We had a few more errands that (oh darn!!) took us a couple of hours and 37 sweet glorious miles. We drove up into the driveway at dusk. We got everything needed and huge smiles on our faces with the fun of riding. What a great Sunday it was.

Wishing you great travels in your part of the world,

Biker Betty :)

Saturday, March 03, 2007

~ Are You Judged by What You Wear? ~
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Funny thing happened this last week at work. I've been a substitute school librarian for 4 years now. Until two months ago I was only subbing in my son's school. Suddenly I started getting asked to sub at other schools and am now able to do it now that my youngest is older. Now I get calls all the time. I get warm & fuzzies that the ones I work for call me personally now to sub again. I love being with the kids and working with the books. I don't just sit behind the desk. If there's nothing to do I go out into the books and straighten them, pull them forward, put in order those books not in their proper place. I love to do this. The people I fill in for love that they can come in the next day to an orderly library and know that things are in their place.

This last Monday I was asked a second time to come back to this particular high school. With pretty decent weather I rode my motorcycle to work. So I drive up to the teacher's parking lot and park my bike and then walk into the office to check in. I get lots of stares. It's chilly and I'm wearing my motorcycle jacket and leather chaps, carrying my lunch in my helmet and a book bag over my shoulder with my notebook and all I need for the day. The above photo is showing what I was wearing, but I was carrying my helmet and not wearing it (remember - lunch?).

I walk into the office and immediately the office clerk is right there asking "Can I help you?" It just felt like that question was loaded with lots of unsaid stuff. As she was asking that, I got the impression with her tone that she was really stating "I don't think you're in the right place." She's looking me up and down. So I answer that I'm here to sub in the school library. She's looking bewildered and wants to know who I'm subbing for, but once again with her tone I sensed she felt I wasn't in the right place and she's sure I couldn't possibly be there to sub. I would have loved to be able to read her mind. She was asking questions but her tones were saying something completely different. I answer her questions and took no offense. No reason, she's just doing her job. She then asks have I ever subbed there, because she has never met me.

Well, I had subbed there about two weeks ago and she was in the office, lol. That particular time I was dressed in normal work clothes and walked into the office and no one even batted an eye. I had driven my van and didn't need all the protective gear, lol. No one took any notice and didn't ask if they could help me. Luckily, I had been in the day before to get briefed on my sub job with the library clerk who I was to replace for the day. So I knew where to sign in and grab a badge.

Today I walk in expecting to just sign, grab a badge and go Suddenly I'm getting the third degree and only able to walk about four steps into the office. They were nice about it, but leary of this motorcycle garbed woman who had just walked into the school office that they didn't know. I did finally get my pass and was able to go do my job.

This high school is obviously not used to people driving motorcycles and wearing the proper protective gear. As I'm walking thru the halls to the library I get lots of stares from students and staff. They're the kind of stares that if I was wearing a dress I'd have to duck into the girls bathroom to make sure that the back of my dress hadn't got caught in my pantihose, lol.

It's amazing that what you wear can bring so much attention. Everyone at my son's school doesn't think anything of it, but they know me. They do think it's cool that I drive a motorcycle and love it's purple color. The kids there are in childlike awe. At another elementry school I had no problems when driving my motorcycle and walking into the office, they knew me from one other time. They remembered and recognized me even wearing the jacket and chaps.

I guess high schools can get busy and who knows whose going to walk in off the streets and declare they're there to sub. I have been asked to sub there again in a little over a week. I hope for nice weather to ride my motorcycle. If I'm able to do this, think they will remember me by what I wear? LOL

Now I ask you, do I look dangerous? Okay, bad photo, lol.
This is one of the photos for the MSR scavanger hunt last summer.

Wishing you fun journeys in your part of the world,
Biker Betty :)

Friday, March 02, 2007

~ How about a little "salt" with your motorcycle in this week's
Saturday Photo Theme ~

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Some very dear friends of ours gave us these motorcycle "Salt" & Pepper shakers as a gift. They were on vacation when they saw these and thought of us. Bet you thought there was no way a motorcycle could get in this theme, lol. I also had to include Sponge Bob Sqaure Pants who lives in a pinapple house at the bottom of the "salty" ocean in Bikini Bottom.

What's your Spongebob IQ?

Why not test your knowledge of how much you know about Sponge Bob. I did and I actually did pretty good, lol.