Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Time To Get In Shape By Doing Some Hiking

Wordless Wednesday

I really need to get in shape and lose some weight. If I'm not on my V-Star, which is some exercise, I'm sitting here at the computer. My family and I have been trying to make it an effort to get out and enjoy more of the Colorado outdoors. Well, at least my hubby and I. The kids are kind-of fighting this effort, lol. To make this as wordless as possible, we went hiking in a new area called Cheyenne Mountain State Park and the photos were taken there. This park is at the base of the mountain of the famous "Air Force Cheyenne Mountain."

I just love this photo with Cheyenne Mountain in the background. Took this while on the hike.

Looking back on a portion of the trail we were hiking. It is gorgeous out here. There is tons of wild flowers to see. We did a couple of miles today. It was lots of fun. Currently this park is only open for hiking on the weekends.

Wishing you many summer adventures,

Biker Betty

Friday, July 06, 2007

~ This Saturday's Theme of Fake ~

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When I saw that this week's theme is "Fake," I knew right away the picture I would use. The giant hercules beetle, being confined in an obviously soundly built fence, is most definitely fake. It does look like something out of a science fiction movie.

The hercules beetle is actually a marker for the locally famous May Museum of the Tropics. This museum is very popular in here Colorado Springs. Many schools and a bazillion students have been here to view the many invertebrates they have to show. Sadly, I haven't been to it myself, but my youngest son has thru a school field trip. He really liked it. Reading about it has me intrigued and I would like to go sometime. They have over 100,000 invertebrates, but as I understand it they only show about 8,000 at any one time.

They also have the Museum of Space Exploration and a Golden Eagle Ranch RV Park and Campground. What more could a person ask for?

Thursday, July 05, 2007

No Full-Time Ride to Work in the Fall

I'm pretty bummed right now. A few hours ago I found out I didn't get the librarian job I had hoped to get. Not sure what went wrong, but oh-well, not much I can do about it. I will still get to work there when they call me to sub and I sure hope they still do. The staff there is real nice to work with and they have a really nice library.

I have an excellent reputation as a library sub and I'm the first called at all the schools I have worked at. That's a nice feeling, just doesn't pay as well as a full-time job. Word is slowly getting out and toward the end of this last school year I was getting more and more calls. This last school year was the first year I opened my availability to all schools and I was surprised by all the calls.

So, I still have the best of both worlds. I will continue to be a librarian sub and get to motorcycle around on my days off. In between all this I have just recently looked into going back to college. I was pretty stupid in my younger days and never even got my associates degree and it keeps coming back to haunt me. I did one year of college and then joined the United States Air Force. I have to admit that I really enjoyed the eight years I served, but things are very different in the services these days. The lack of a degree is probably why I didn't get this last job. I'm real interested in an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Computer Information Systems. My husband is encouraging me to get off my behind and get over to the college and get all my courses transferred and see where I'm at.

So I'm wallowing in the disappointment of not getting this job, but I will try not to for long. It's done and not much I can do about it, sniff. It's just kind of hard to let go, as I was just doing a librarian job for a month in summer school. I really enjoyed that job and was looking forward to doing it full-time. Well, I need to get over to the community college like my husband has been bugging me to do.

Wishing you a better day then mine,

Biker Betty