Thursday, July 05, 2007

No Full-Time Ride to Work in the Fall

I'm pretty bummed right now. A few hours ago I found out I didn't get the librarian job I had hoped to get. Not sure what went wrong, but oh-well, not much I can do about it. I will still get to work there when they call me to sub and I sure hope they still do. The staff there is real nice to work with and they have a really nice library.

I have an excellent reputation as a library sub and I'm the first called at all the schools I have worked at. That's a nice feeling, just doesn't pay as well as a full-time job. Word is slowly getting out and toward the end of this last school year I was getting more and more calls. This last school year was the first year I opened my availability to all schools and I was surprised by all the calls.

So, I still have the best of both worlds. I will continue to be a librarian sub and get to motorcycle around on my days off. In between all this I have just recently looked into going back to college. I was pretty stupid in my younger days and never even got my associates degree and it keeps coming back to haunt me. I did one year of college and then joined the United States Air Force. I have to admit that I really enjoyed the eight years I served, but things are very different in the services these days. The lack of a degree is probably why I didn't get this last job. I'm real interested in an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Computer Information Systems. My husband is encouraging me to get off my behind and get over to the college and get all my courses transferred and see where I'm at.

So I'm wallowing in the disappointment of not getting this job, but I will try not to for long. It's done and not much I can do about it, sniff. It's just kind of hard to let go, as I was just doing a librarian job for a month in summer school. I really enjoyed that job and was looking forward to doing it full-time. Well, I need to get over to the community college like my husband has been bugging me to do.

Wishing you a better day then mine,

Biker Betty


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

So sorry you didn't get that job, Betty....But maybe something better will come along...I hope so, my dear.

Lil Wifey said...

It is hard to find a job if you don't have some type of degree. I am taking courses online, so that I don't have to worry about daycare. Sending you 'got the job' vibes for next time.

Michael said...

Sorry to hear you didn't get the job, but I'm sure that just means something better will come along! I'm sure a ride will cheer your spirits though! ;-)

Biker Betty said...

Hi Naomi, Lil Wifey and Michael,

Thanks for your encouraging words. My husband was telling me the same thing and trying his darnest to lift my spirits. It's pretty much word for word what you said Michael.

I will have to take a short ride around town today. My husband just bought me a new Mustang seat and it just got installed Wednesday evening. It feels weird and I need to get used to it.

Pamela said...

the degree on a resume is a biggie. Although in my opinion it sure doesn't doesn't predict how well a person will perform in the job.

that opinion is from years of experience in the work force.

Thank you for serving you country - by the way

Kathleen Marie said...

I am so sorry you didn't get the job. That is a bummer but what I believe for you is that something even better will show up for you.

Been to the Sturgis Bike Rally in my area before? It is quite the experience.


Biker Betty said...

Hi Pamela and Kathleen Marie,

Thanks for the visit and kinds words. Everytime I turn around the lack of a degree hits me smack in the face. I have a wonderful reputation as a great worker, but it doesn't seem to mean much without a degree. So anyone reading this and you don't have a degree, think hard about aquiring it fast.

Kathleen Marie, I haven't been to Sturgis yet. I hear all about it and it does sound like quite an experience. Who knows, someday my husband and I might just get out that way.

Oh, I almost forgot. In the summer of about 1995/6 we did end up in the area during Sturgis while on a family trip to Mt Rushmore and Devil's Tower. We had just got back to the US after spending 3 years in England. Couldn't figure out why so many motorcycles were on the road at first, lol.

Take Care,
Biker Betty :)

Giest said...

Aw, Betty. Sorry to hear about the job, but you and I both know that everything happens for a reason. You really should do the school thing and it sounds like you couldn't have a better chance to start into it.


CodyandMichelle said...

I'm sure you are dissappointed, but remember, God has a plan for you and apparently this job wasn't part of it.
I served in the USN for 4 years and sadly and quite stupidly did not use any of my GI bill. What a waste :( It's never too late to get back to school.
Look forward to seeing you in Dollywood!

Biker Betty said...

Hi Giest, Thanks and I am getting ready to take the first steps looking into this new direction. The job would have helped defray the costs a little more, but hopefully I will get called a lot to sub this year.

Hi Cody, Yes, I need to be patient and see what God's plan is. Unfortunately, the USAF quite offering the GI Bill a few years before I joined. I don't have that to use and must scrape up the money for college. But I only plan on taking one or two classes a semester, and at a community college, so I should just squeak past, lol.

We look forward to seeing you at Dollywood also :)

Wishing everyone wonderful summer adventures,

Biker Betty :)

Biker Betty said...

Oops, I need to reread my comments before publishing. The USAF "quit" offering.. not "quite." Oh well, you got the drift, lol.


Dawn said...

I'm sorry about that....but I'm sure there's a reason :) Who knows...there could be "the perfect" job out there you don't know about yet. I hope you're having a better day :)

Holly Ristau said...

Hey BB,
Sorry to hear you didn't get the job. I hope there's something bigger and better out there for you. Good luck!