Sunday, April 29, 2007

~ The Mountain Shadow Riders Have Been Very Busy ~

The Rocky Mountain Motorcycle Museum and Hall Of Fame celebrated their 17th Anniversary and 2nd Annual Open House this weekend. Many motorcycle groups/clubs were invited to set up tables and let the public know what they are about. As you can see by the above photo, we accepted the invitation with gusto.

The above photo is also one of my first photos taken for the annual Mountain Shadow Riders yearly riding competition that kicked off the first part of April. Last year we had the wonderful scavanger hunt with over 350 items to search out. This year is a scavanger hunt with a totally different twist. I will post the rules later this week. In the above photo I just earned 5,000 points!!! (WooooHoooo!!!) To earn those coveted points I needed to get a pic of me, my bike with our large banner and a minimum of three Women On Wheels (R) full or support members, including me (mandatory). Poor Blinky (far left and affectionately named by MSR members) was complaining I was covering his face with my hand (See Blinky, I didn't, lol).

The Pikes Peak Harley Davidson was having their own special activities all day Saturday, too. Can you say "free food?" They were offering free hotdogs, popcorn, and canned soda all day long. The museum is in their parking lot.

Much to my husband's distress (didn't I say that a few posts ago, lol?) I have picked out a 2007 FLSTN Softail Deluxe. A girl can window shop can't she? Of course, I have no idea how it actually rides or even costs, but I sat on the motorcycle and it fit real nice. I didn't stand it up, as no sales person was around (can you believe it?!?). But I can tell the height was most likely right on. The seat was much nicer then my V-Star.

We are actually looking at replacing the stock V-Star 650 seat with a mustang seat. My husband has one on his Suzuki Intruder and loves it. After an hour on my bike, even at the end of a summer of riding, and my legs/hips (NO COMMENTS!!) hurt. We should at least be able to afford the new seat as it looks like I got a part-time job for the month of June as a librarian for summer school. I wasn't even looking and that job just fell into my lap, yea!!! Money is tight when you're putting a youngster thru college. I about had to rush my hubby to the ER when we got the first bill. Holy Cow it's expensive.

I helped all day Saturday at the Mountain Shadow Riders table, escaping occasionally to look around. It was lots of fun getting to meet so many people and getting to know fellow MSR members better. We have a great group of people. Walking around I bumped into a few people I haven't seen for a while. We had great weather all day and it was just a fun way to spend a Saturday.

Wishing you great adventures in your part of the world,

Biker Betty :)

PS: Want to learn how Binky got his name AND want to meet Winky & Nod? That's my next post. Be watching for it soon.
This is just way too cool. I found it over at Skittle's Place . Check out the link below and see what your Daemon is. Now I'm intrigued about the movie coming out in December 2007.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

~ This Saturday's Theme is Rare ~

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Today I was at Pikes Peak Harley Davidson dealership. They are now the 5th dealer in the world for Orange County Choppers. For me these photos are very rare as I have never seen Orange County Choppers in person. This is the first time I have ever seen these awesome choppers in person and they are very impressive.

Here is the OCC 2007 T-Rex Softail Chopper

Here is the OCC 2007 Splitback Chopper

Aren't these very cool? My husband and I enjoy watching their show. Of course, the family drama they have while building these are a bit over the top at times.

Wishing you travel adventures,

Biker Betty :)

Friday, April 27, 2007

Mountain Shadow Riders Family Dinner Night

Please note: I will be posting my Saturday Photo Hunt tomorrow evening. The theme is "rare" and I will be taking it tomorrow and won't be able to post it till tomorrow evening.

The above is not the best picture, as the sun was shining in the wrong direction. The Mountain Shadow Rider's went to Casa Grande Mexican Restaurant and Cantina in Woodland Park for our monthly family dinner. This is the second time since I joined that they have left the city for one of the dinners. It was a very nice drive up thru the mountain pass. We sure were lucky, as we just got hit with a strong spring snow storm just a few days ago and some are still without power tonight.

How about this view from the restuarant? Woodland Park is a beautiful town and always fun to visit. We had the usual good natured teasing, talking and, of course, eating. Casa Grande Mexican Restaurant and Cantina has really good food and is a definite repeat for my husband & I. We had never eaten here before. The food was great, people there are very nice and it's decorated nicely inside.

How about this group of characters greeting you as you come in?

After we'd had our fill, it was time to head back home. Our group of six made it back without incident. You can't help but be a little nervous driving the mountain pass at night. You always hope the deer and other wildlife keep off the road after dark. Hwy 24 has lots of twisties between Woodland Park and Manitou Springs. It's lots of fun in the daylight, but at night a person needs to heed to the side of caution. I did put one extra layer of clothing on for the ride home and didn't get very chilly, yea!! It was a great 52 miles chalked up tonight.

Added 4/28: I should have noted that we had about 20 people show up for our dinner. A few came by cars, some live in the area and the rest of us straggled up the mountain to meet at the restaurant.

Wishing you many food adventures,

Biker Betty :)

Monday, April 23, 2007

Yes, I'm still here

Like many of you in Bloggerland, I can't believe how time flies by. I didn't mean to let so much time get by between posts. This time of year (along with Thanksgiving to Christmas) can get pretty hectic. Just before school lets out, many things suddenly come up. It's like the teacher's realize it's almost the end of the year and need to get some extra activities in. I've been getting loads of subing jobs and been very busy.

A few motorcycle things have gone on. Many times I have been able to ride to work and what fun that has been. I had only one incident of someone almost clipping my front tire when they changed lanes into my lane. Seems they didn't see me, hmmmm.

My most exciting news is that I got new summer gear, YEA!!! Did I say it was PURPLE!!! Yes, I will have to post about it. I've gotten soooo many compliments. Joe Rocket has come out with some gorgeous mesh jackets with armor. I was suppose to wait a month to get a complimenting helmet, but my loving husband thought the red helmet with the purple jacket wasn't going well (plus we got our tax return, lol). Guess where most of our tax return went. We have been having some pretty decent weather and I'm wearing my new jacket lots. It has a liner, plus I have been adding my REI windless jacket underneath. I need to write to Joe Rocket and get them to put out a leather purple jacket with all the armor and winter liner.

I have to admit that my husband is distressed that I have my heart set on a Harley Davidson Women's FXRG® Midweight Leather Jacket for only $560.00 to buy in the fall. Our local Pikes Peak Harley Davidson carries it and it is sweet. I never wanted a black jacket, but so many bikers have them with no problems. This jacket is soooo cool. It even has pockets in the liner to put those hand warmers that you shake and they warm up. When I mentioned that I need to get a full-time job first they said they were hiring and I should apply. Wouldn't that be awesome!! I'd never bring home a paycheck, lol. The ladies in the clothing department are very nice and it would be fun. My part-time job is sporatic at best, but it's Monday thru Friday.
The FXRG jacket will be so much easier to clean then my red jacket. My red jacket is filthy and the instructions say "spot clean only." Let me tell you, the whole jacket is one dirty "spot," lol. Now I need another winter jacket to go with my purple helmet. This jacket has all the bells and whistles.

Our summer is starting to get full of motorcycle runs. We just did an all day run yesterday with the Mountain Shadow Riders. I might have a special project going on this summer, but haven't heard back on that and not sure it's happening after all. I'm still hoping, though.

I will post more details on much of the above. Just wanted to say hi to everyone and I appreciate all the friendships I have made here.

Take Care, Biker Betty :)