Friday, April 27, 2007

Mountain Shadow Riders Family Dinner Night

Please note: I will be posting my Saturday Photo Hunt tomorrow evening. The theme is "rare" and I will be taking it tomorrow and won't be able to post it till tomorrow evening.

The above is not the best picture, as the sun was shining in the wrong direction. The Mountain Shadow Rider's went to Casa Grande Mexican Restaurant and Cantina in Woodland Park for our monthly family dinner. This is the second time since I joined that they have left the city for one of the dinners. It was a very nice drive up thru the mountain pass. We sure were lucky, as we just got hit with a strong spring snow storm just a few days ago and some are still without power tonight.

How about this view from the restuarant? Woodland Park is a beautiful town and always fun to visit. We had the usual good natured teasing, talking and, of course, eating. Casa Grande Mexican Restaurant and Cantina has really good food and is a definite repeat for my husband & I. We had never eaten here before. The food was great, people there are very nice and it's decorated nicely inside.

How about this group of characters greeting you as you come in?

After we'd had our fill, it was time to head back home. Our group of six made it back without incident. You can't help but be a little nervous driving the mountain pass at night. You always hope the deer and other wildlife keep off the road after dark. Hwy 24 has lots of twisties between Woodland Park and Manitou Springs. It's lots of fun in the daylight, but at night a person needs to heed to the side of caution. I did put one extra layer of clothing on for the ride home and didn't get very chilly, yea!! It was a great 52 miles chalked up tonight.

Added 4/28: I should have noted that we had about 20 people show up for our dinner. A few came by cars, some live in the area and the rest of us straggled up the mountain to meet at the restaurant.

Wishing you many food adventures,

Biker Betty :)


Pamela said...

okay.. I want to get on the back of your bike. Is there room?

If not, I'll start my diet right now.

Biker Betty said...

LOL, Pamela, you are welcome to hop on anytime. No use dieting ... our group rides to eat, lol. Okay, we also ride to ride, food is a plus!!

CodyandMichelle said...

Wow, that is a beautiful area of the country you live in BB! What kind of views do you have, from where you live?

Biker Betty said...

Hi Cody, Yes, I feel lucky to live near so many beautiful places to visit. We can see Pikes Peak from our front yard and the mountain range from our front window. It's definitely a beautiful area.