Sunday, November 10, 2013

I have been gone from blogging long enough that I have discovered that most of my motorcycle links are no longer active.  Seems many bloggers have had the same problem as me, finding time and neglecting family.  My two sons are now grown up.  The eldest is 25 and has been out of the house for a few years.  I'm just thankful he only moved away an hour from us and no further.  He's close enough to still visit and we really enjoy those visits every four months or so.  He comes down and visits on the occasional weekend with his girl friend and we really enjoy those times.

The youngest (19 yrs old) just graduated from high school this last spring and still lives at home to do his four years of college.  I know those 4 years will go by too fast.  I know we raise them to fly the nest when they are ready to live on their own...but...I'm not ready (cry!!!).

I do hope to find new bloggers and post a little more frequently.

Wishing You Happy Memories In Your Part of the World,
Biker Betty

Hello, Still Here

Still biking, but not posting like I used to.  I know a few bloggers have had this happen.  I got out of the habit of blogging and it's hard to get back into it.  It's like exercising, you stop and it's hard to get back into the swing of things.  I've been using more of my spare time to hike and get healthier.  Lost a few pounds in the process :)

I changed jobs and come home some days exhausted.  Just don't have the time I used to to blog.  I am looking at upgrading my motorcycle.  I'm short (5'2") and the only way to upgrade it to go three wheels.  So, I'm looking at the Spiders.  Just may go that route in the spring of 2014.  I love my V-Star 650, but I have gotten enough miles on it that the last trip to the Red River Rally in New Mexico was hard on it.  Now when I take a long trip it springs a leak or something breaks after I get back.  I should be thankful that it hasn't broke on a trip.  So I'm thinking hard about the Spiders.  I know a few riders here with them and they love them.  I'm looking at a long trip to Louisiana next summer and just might make this change :) 

Happy Travels in Your Part of the World,
Biker Betty

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Well, thanks to an email from Blogger, I decided to get a post in, lol.  I am still here and still riding my motorcycle.  It is still the same 2002 V-Star 650 custom.  Since my last post I have done a trip to South Texas three summers ago and last summer went to Vegas on my motorcycle.  Both times having a ton of fun.  Since the beginning of the blog I have logged almost 30,000 miles on my motorcycle, Yahoo!!!!  I have one trip planned at the beginning of summer. I will have to post more often.  Got out of the habit when I went back to college and ran out of time trying to do that and work full time.  I look forward to catching up with everyone.

Happy Motorcycling,
Biker Betty

Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day

Thank You to the Men and Women
who are serving,
who have served,
our United States Armed Forces.

We are in debt to you.

Many Have Served for Us,

Many Have Died for Us,

So that We "All" May Remain Free...
Remember Them All.

Thank You

Note: All photos have been taken by me, Biker Betty. Please don't copy without my permission. Thanks :)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Spring Riding Season Starts

Whew, I've passed my two college courses this last semester with "A's" and I'm already enrolled for the fall with two more computer classes that I can't wait to start. Four classes down (all A's so far) and a cazillion to go, lol. In the fall I will be taking "Complete Web Authoring: HTML" on campus. I'm hoping to learn new tricks to use with this web page. I will also be taking "Intro to Operating Systems" as an on-line class. Both classes should be very interesting.

The Mountain Shadow Riders is starting to gear up for the riding season. We had an open house at Apex Sports a couple of weekends ago and boy was that fun. I worked all day and time flew by. It was a lot of laughs and fun.

Last Sunday my husband and I participated in the Colorado Springs Sport Touring Club poker run that raised money for Colorado Springs Search and Rescue. We have done this run for three years now and it's always fun. Every year we have managed to win a door prize. This year I won a T-Shirt from Tiger Law (a very cool looking T-Shirt that was way too big for me, but not my husband) and a gift certificate for pizza, yummy :)

My husband surprised me with looking into buying me a Yamaha 2009 V-Star 950 Tourer that is a new model this year. That is a gorgeous bike. Ever since I read the write up in Rider magazine, I have been dreaming about this bike. My husband was sick and tired of me drooling over it, instead of drooling over him, lol. We went to Rocky Mountain Cycle Plaza and I went for a test ride on one the color Raven. I will be taking a few long trips this summer and we were looking for an upgrade from my V-Star 650.

The 950 rode like a dream and it was the perfect height. I loved it!!! but it turned out to be too heavy. I was soooooo disappointed and bummed beyond belief. With the slightest incline, my 5ft 1-1/2" height could barely move it. After many attempts I can eventually move it, but this was a slight incline. What would I do with more? I have no problem getting my 650 moved in this same situation. Sadly, I had to turn away from that gorgeous bike. I was in 7th heaven riding down the road on the test ride. For those of you who can move this motorcycle(which is just about everyone in the world), I highly recommend it. It has a LOT of very cool features.

I also looked at the Boulevard C50T, but it was a bit too heavy for me, too and a bit higher then I was comfortable with. I have seen a few people buy motorcycles that didn't fit them well and they eventually quit riding and there was no way I wanted to get in that situation. These motorcycles are a big investment and before I plunked any money down, I want to be sure it is the right model fdr me. If I have any doubts, I won't get it.

Luckily, my 2002 V-Star 650 Custom is going strong and very dependable. I haven't had a lick of trouble with it. So now the plan is to upgrade what I have. The plan is to deck it out almost like a V-Star Silverado. Today we ordered floorboards to replace the pegs and a heel - toe shifter. I also have some new saddle bags on order. Also looking into a 2" riser to pull back the handlebars. On long trips I'm finding I am leaning forward on the handlebars a bit too far and it numbs my palms a bit. I need the handlebars to come towards me just a little. I will be putting the most miles on my bike this summer and I can finally gear up and get it customized the way I need it.

First step is in one and a half weeks when I take it in for it's yearly tune-up. I've got the appointment set. This summer is already heating up...even though we are having rain at the moment, lol. I only have one more week of work at the school and then we have our summer break. I'm looking forward to this as much (if not more, lol) then the kids.

Wishing you a Wonderful Summer in Your part of the World,

Biker Betty :)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

All Work and No Play...

Leads to a neglected blog

I have been suddenly busy with more homework than usual, which leads to neglected things to do around the house. Any spare time I get, I rest!! This last week I had a big project for my Interpersonal Relations college class. I'm enjoying college, but then I think how long it's going to take me just to get the associates I want and wonder "What am I doing?"

With my full-time job I can only take about two classes a semester. I can't knock my job, as it is defraying some of the cost of college. Plus, I'm just glad to have a job I like and have. The school district is losing lots of money soon since the bond they wanted got voted down and the current one runs out at the end of this school year. So myself and others are holding our breaths and hoping to have a job in the fall.

Some friends have asked why I'm not taking one of the colleges that gives courses online and at a faster rate. I find out how much these colleges charge and that's why. I'm going to the local community college.

I'm determined to do this. So, if I'm absent for a week or two it's because I got snowed under with school work and life (housework, family, job, ... etc.) and not the fluffy, cold white stuff we seem to be missing at the moment this winter, lol.

Wishing You a Great Day in Your Part of the World,

Biker Betty :)

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Photo Hunt - Bridge(s)

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This is the highest bridge on the Colorado State Highway System. It crosses Areque Gulch. It is just outside Victor, Colorado on Highway 67 and was built in 2000-2001. It is 250 Feet tall at its highest point.

You are not allowed to park on the bridge. Only on either end and walk out to take your photos of the view. Here we are parked at one end to get our photos.

Here is a view from the middle of the bridge of the Sangre De Cristo Mountain Range. It is a lot of fun riding the motorcycles up here. It's a day trip up and back. Even in the summer, it can be chilly up in these mountains and we must bring our winter gear with us. Sometimes we don't need the winter gear and sometimes we do. All year long we must be prepared for cold and hot weather.

Wishing you fun travels in your part of the world,
Biker Betty :)
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