Sunday, February 08, 2015

Miscellaneous Thoughts

Wow, I had no idea it has been 9 months since my last post.  I see I still have a few things I need to update with my blog.  I did get out and ride a lot last summer, but just got too busy having fun and didn't want to sit down at the computer, lol.  I did get my spyder out for a ride around the neighborhood today, just to get the juices flowing and making sure it would even start.  Luckily, winters here allow some days to get out for short rides in town.  It does get too cold to get up in the mountains.  Plus there is the chance of ice and rocks on the road during the winter.  

I've been riding my spyder for over a year now and boy do I love it!!  I love the way it rides, how it back ups, and the convenience of three wheels.  It's a 2013, but the gas mileage stinks.  Can Am did correct that starting with the 2014 models and I wish I had realized all the great new changes they made with that model.  I should have waited and gotten that.  Hind sight is great, right?  Oh well, I have what I have and I do enjoy it.  So if you're in the market, you'd do good to get a 2014 or newer model.  Not just gas mileage has been fixed with the newer models.  There are heat issues with older models that they have also corrected.  I personally don't have any heat issues and so glad about that.

We are getting warm weather at the moment, so thinking of riding to work for at least the next two days if I can get up early enough to get to work before the parking lot fills up, lol.  I don't want to have to park on one of the side roads.  I know many of you are having horrible weather and I hope it clears up quickly for you.

Wishing you Safe Travels in Your Part of the World,

Biker Betty


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