Monday, April 28, 2014

                                                  New Motorcycle

Hello, I took a hiatus, but I'm back.  There just wasn't any riding since my last post.  We got a fair amount of snow during the winter and a lot of extremely cold days.  Too cold to want to get out and ride, brrrr.  It's finally warming up a bit to get out now and then.

So at the end January of this year I took the plunge and got a new motorcycle.  I rode just over 8 years on my V-Star 650 custom and had a lot of fun times, but I wanted to finally upgrade.  Being short, that limited me a lot.  I had been admiring another rider's trike in my motorcycle group.  After doing much research I discovered that the Can-Am Spyder's are a bit cheaper and more stable than a trike.  I also think they are so cool to look at.  My husband was so supportive of this decision and we went out shopping for a used one.  After looking and drooling over the new models on the showroom floor, we broke down and I got a new 2013 Can-Am RT Limited Spyder.  I got a little bit of a deal, as they wanted to make room for the new 2014's coming out.  So here we are in mid April and I already have 1,071 miles on the spyder.  I am just loving my new choice!!!  Now I need to update the header of my blog to the adventures of riding a spyder, lol.  I already have a few things to share in future posts.  

With spring around the corner, I know many of us are gearing up to ride.

Wishing you wonderful adventures in your part of the world,

Biker Betty


KT Did said...

Biker Betty! Its so great to hear from you! Look at the 2 of us loving our 3 wheels! Can't wait to hear some road stories. Still hoping to meet one day.

Biker Betty said...

Hey KT, that is cool. I didn't realize you also were on three wheels. I know the last we talked, we were both thinking of it. Cool!!!

Marcogp said...

Can-Am RT Limited Spyder did not about this model, how do you feel on IT. Curious to know...

Garret Wilson said...

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