Monday, March 12, 2007

~ It was a very nice ride to work today ~

To work in this particular school's library I have to get up at the crack of dawn. I'm not used to having to be up at 5:15 am. I really didn't know this time of morning existed till I subbed here a few times, lol. But I do love these hours. When I get off work I still have time left to do something and I'm off in time to get my youngest son from school. I like doing that.

This morning was a balmy 40 something degrees. As you can see by the photo above, it was dark when I pulled out my bike and started it up. You can just make out the lights.

On the way to work I stopped at a shopping mall to get a picture of the sun starting to rise. It was very pretty. There were lots of people on the road this morning, but it was still a lot of fun riding to work. I kept a careful watch of the other cars and chugged along like the rest of them.

The above picture is a photo taken at the same mall from another direction. I love the colors on the horizon and the moon above. Talk about a nice time of day. I get to work safe and sound and even found another motorcycle in the parking lot. Of all things, the helmet is on the ground next to the bike. I find this curious. I take mine in the building, carrying my lunch in it, lol.

Now this is the same school that I did a post on March 3rd. Some of you had asked me to report if the office lady still treated me with apprehension as the last time. I walked in this morning, certain she would remember me, with a smile on my face and a cheery good morning. Well, she squelched that pretty quick. I have since learned she's just not an outgoing person. As soon as I walk in it's just about the same routine. She asks my name - I tell her. She asks who I'm subbing - I tell her. At first she seems not to believe me. I'm thinking "Oh man, here we go again" and brace myself.

The whole process in the office went much quicker this time and I get my sub badge and hightail it out of the office and head to the library. I'm now used to the curious stares of the students. If I sub here enough, they will get used to me, lol.

I find that kids at the elementary level so much more outgoing and excited about motorcyclist. They give me thumbs up and talk excited to me about motorcycling. You can tell they love motorcycles, both the boys and girls. The girls are especially excited to see another "girl" riding something that only boys seem to get to do. The girls love the purple motorcycle.

Like all the other schools I have worked at, I really enjoy working in this school. I have a friend working in the library. Her son and my son went to the same elementary school together and that's how we met. Now I have made quite a few friends at this school and enjoy the day. The day once again went by very fast.

The next thing I know I need to hop on my bike and head for my other school that I do afterschool math tutoring for. By now it truly is a balmy 70 degrees and a very nice ride. I get to the other school. When I walk into the tutoring room with my gear on, as I'm running a little behind, a few of the girls in the other group are giving me the thumbs up. This surprised me, as they have never done that before. The smiles on their faces said it all. The boys followed suit and we shared a fun moment together. Then it was time to get down to the business of math for the next half hour.

What an awesome day and awesome ride. I'm so glad my husband and I took the Motorcycle Safety Foundation beginner's course and got motorcycles two years ago. My purple V-Star 650 custom is very cool and fun to ride.

Wishing you great rides to work,

Biker Betty :)


Pamela said...

Oh... you ought to get that uptight woman a present... like one of those rub on tatoos!!!!!

Biker Betty said...

Hi Pamela,

What a great idea!! But I'd be afraid I'd rub her the wrong way, lol.

Sharon Lynne said...

Howdy Biker Betty,
I came by a couple of times and got scared away by all the people hanging around your last post! Now that the crowd has I am.

I LOVE the picture you took of the sky and the moon! Yes, getting up early--it's like a magical time of day..(that I rarely see).

A little over a year ago my son and I took a class in order to get our motorcycle licenses. It was so much fun! I love my "M" on my license!

Giest said...

woo! i'm more then a little jealous! you have it super warm down there. sounds like it was a great ride and quite an eventful day. i love that last pic, with all the shiny chrome. :)

Donna said...

We've been taking advantage of the weather too; we rode awhile Saturday, then took the Gold Wing on a 100-mile trip Sunday. Yesterday the weather was like yours, but you know, sometimes we just have to stop riding and do other things. Darn it. Plus, I have a horse to ride too!

Anonymous said...


I really like the photo of your bike with the moon shining above it. Good eye! You were obviously enjoying your ride in.

I'm glad you are enjoying your bike so much. Owning one is not for everyone, but for those of us who have that biker spirit buried somewhere down deep there is simply nothing more enjoyable than the whole biking experience.

Good for you and your husband and keep enjoying those rides!

Ride safe :)

Mustang said...

beautiful pics betty.. Riding early in the morning is so much fun..the wind howling by your side as you see the sun rising up from the horizon.its a beautiful feeling.

Ride safe betty,