Monday, March 05, 2007

~ Sunday Riding ~

I get up this morning expecting to drive my van to church. My husband has to get there early and goes on his motorcycle. I actually don't feel envy this time, as I know there are times when one or the other of us can ride our motorcycles when the other can't. I get the youngest son up for him to eat and go to church with me. There was just one little hiccup. Yesterday evening he went to a birthday party that also went to the theater. He got home late and now I can't get him to stir. So I wake up the eldest to bring his younger brother to church when he goes to Sunday School."

Suddenly I'm the only person going in the van. Well, gosh, that's a waste of gas, isn't it? I had decided earlier this morning I wasn't riding today with my youngest on my motorcycle. There are spots of gravel on the road and I didn't want to take a chance with him on my motorcycle. You see, yesterday after dropping my son off to his party with the van I skidded on gravel. The backend of the van fishtailed a little. I know that if I had been on the bike, it might have gone down. But I also know I would have been a whole lot more careful and it probably wouldn't have happened like in the van.

So now it's just me. I can manuever around the spots of gravel, there was just no way I wanted to chance anything with my younger son on the back. So I change to "Travel Plan B." I quickly change my shoes to my motorcycle boots, pull my motorcycle out of the garage and get all my gear. Yahoo, I'm riding my Yamaha V-Star 650 to church!!! It's a gorgeous morning and I can't wait to get out and on my way.

The above picture is of my bike at church. I get there with no problems. There were patches of gravel to steer around, but nothing scary. As you can see, the sky is a beautiful crystal clear blue and a great day to get out on the bike.

After getting back from church, my husband and I decided there were errands to be done. First stop was Wally World (Walmart). After getting what we needed I snapped the above photo. How can you beat a view like that?

Or a view like this? Look at that sky. We had a few more errands that (oh darn!!) took us a couple of hours and 37 sweet glorious miles. We drove up into the driveway at dusk. We got everything needed and huge smiles on our faces with the fun of riding. What a great Sunday it was.

Wishing you great travels in your part of the world,

Biker Betty :)


Pamela said...

beautiful contrails

Sarch said...

Great pics and story. I love reading these things.

I'm glad ya'll got the opportunity to saddle up and do some Sunday riding.

I tell ya, there is just nothing anymore fun than riding our two wheelers!

Thanks for the great post.

Dawn said...

what awesome pictures! i love the mountains! glad you got to ride...i have a feeling patt got off work earlier and is off riding.....the weather here has been wonderful.

so when you riding down to ms????

TorAa said...

Fine story.

I too remember the Sunday School days in the old wood chapell. Unfortunatly it burned down 50 years ago (57). We lived only 3 minutes walking distance away, but I slept at the night of the fire, and I remember salty tears when my mother told me what had happend that night.

A curiousity: Shops are closed in Norway (except very small ones and gardencenters and gas-stations) - due to the "Holyday Peace".

KT Did said...

Beautiful!!!! Glad you can finally enjoy the weather. We have heard its been horrible for you! We are truely spoiled here in California but love the beautiful scenery you all enjoy there! Happy riding... Spring is almost here!

Biker Betty said...

Hi Pamela, I thought that was neat when I took the picture.

Hi Sarch, I enjoy reading about other people's rides, too. Two wheeling anywhere is definitely fun.

Hi Dawn, Thanks for stopping by. It's nice that Patt is out these days. Glad to hear the weather has been great. If we ever get over to MS I will let you know.

Hi Torra, I'm really sorry to hear about your church had burned down so long ago. I take it they never rebuilt? I think when I was a kid they tried to do something similiar, but somewhere thru the years "making a buck" got in the way. But I'm surprised that gardencenters are exempt in Norway.

Hi KT, Our good weather comes and goes, lol. In spring we can still get lots of snow, but it usually melts quicker. I look forward to hearing about the rides in your new area. I sure hope your move went well.


Thank You for visiting,

Biker Betty :)

Celfyddydau said...

love those photos.

The only thing I didn't like about biking was the frozen fingers and toes. I gave up when one January I took two hours to unfreeze. That was when I decided to learn to drive a car.

Biker Betty said...

Hi Selfyddydau, Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I can never go wrong with any photo taken in the great state of Colorado. It's a gorgeous state.

I totally understand about the freezing. I've never had my toes freeze, though. Just the fingers. Once I only had to go a block to the store. I got there fine, but the ride back was misery. Totally frozen and hurting fingers in just that mile back.

Dan said...

Hi Betty,

So, is your weather this week like ours up in Denver? BEAUTIFUL! It's a bit too windy to ride today though (actually, much too windy). But man, this warm weather has me looking forward to getting out and about.

By the way, I've added your site to :-) Love your blog!

Jose said...

You should see the weather in Phoenix right now, bikes are coming out as this is prime riding weather. I have yet to fire up my bike, it needs the 10,000 mile service and I'm short on moula, so for now it still sits quiet in the garage.

Biker Betty said...

Hi Dan,

The weather here hasn't been too bad lately. It's a good sign when we don't get snow for over a week, lol. Been too busy to get out on the bike this week.

Thanks for adding me to I was just over to your blog and must visit more often. You are visiting places in this beautiful state that I hope to get to this summer. Love your blog too. I've had your link in my sidebar for quite a while.

Hi Jose,

I will have to visit your blog. It's been a couple of weeks since I last visited you. Seems you have had nice weather most of the winter. I love the pictures you post. But I won't trade your summers for mine. Sounds like it gets pretty hot there. Hope you get the service done soon so you can get out on the road. I'd love to read about your rides.

My Marrakech said...

You are so brave to bike. I really admire you. I once saw 20 harleys here in Marrakesh!

Holly said...

Hey Biker Betty,
I too am a librarian biker but in Minnesota it's still a long time before I'll be riding. It is actually in the 50's today, but will be back down into the 20's tomorrow and I much prefer the 80's! I ride a 1995 Yamaha Virago. Thanks for the blog. I'm jealous of your riding time, but enjoy your blog.

Biker Betty said...

Marrakech, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I don't feel brave. It's just something fun to do. I love the photos on your blog of Morroco. Very pretty

Hi Holly, Hello to a fellow librarian. Right now I'm part-time, but loving it. Besides yourself and me, I know of two other motorcycling librarians. Hmmm... that is very interesting. We just know how to have fun!!! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.