Wednesday, September 12, 2007

This morning I was oblivious to the weather as I backed my motorcycle out of the garage. It was chilly, but not bad. It was a balmy 54 degree F.

I happened to look left first and saw the above sky. I was busy maneuvering my bike, as my son's car is in the driveway, and I have to move the bike forward and backward a few times to be able to get around his car and out of the driveway. Yesterday he parked too close to the garage and I had to get my car keys and move it back a little - kids!!!

Then I looked right and saw all the clouds. I missed the news last night and was wondering what was in store for the weather today. My usual philosophy is: "If it's not raining or freezing before I get to work, it's a good day to ride." I can handle the rain going home no problem, but I need to watch out that there aren't thunderstorms about the time I get off. I have gotten caught in one a few times in the past and that wasn't pleasant at all. It also depends on how bad the rain is falling at the time I need to leave for work. If it's a light sprinkle, I will forge ahead.

I can tell it's getting close to fall. Mornings are still manageable with my summer motorcycle jacket and it's liner. Two days ago I had to start using the liner in the morning. Today it was 82 degree F when I got off, but I was too lazy to take the liner out. I did sweat some going home, but I knew I'd need the liner again the next morning.

I will hate the day when I have to put my purple jacket away for the winter. I'm on the hunt for a purple leather jacket with all the armor. I do still have my eyes on a black leather Harley Davidson winter jacket that I talked about in the spring. It has all the armor that I require. It's kind of expensive, but hey - I've got a job, lol. Shhhhh ... don't tell my husband ;) With that jacket I won't have to buy another for many years to come - till a purple leather one comes out!!! The black jacket will go well with my purple ICON helmet.

I must go and catch the 10pm news to see what's in store for tomorrow's weather.

Wishing you adventurous journeys,

Biker Betty :)


MHS said...

Hi Betty,
Good to see you back on line! I am also a motorcycling librarian, and this year when I gave a presentation to the school staff about library 2.0 before the school year started, I talked about blogging. Someone asked, “What IS a blog?” I went on to explain and then finished by saying, “My favorite blog is called Biker Betty” which elicited wolf whistles from the crowd who seemed to think you must offer an x-rated site. Somebody finished the presentation by saying..”Ok Holly! Too much information!” Welcome back!

Linda R. Moore said...

I have a friend who has a purple leather jacket, and it's very elegant. So they are out there. She found it at a big motorcycle show.

Hi to the other motorcycling librarian too :)

Jovita said...

I’m wondering if you rode to work this morning (Friday), it’s darn right chilly out… I’ll keep my eye out for purple leather… I know I’ve seen some online when I was looking for a leather jacket. I know Joe Rocket has leather with armor, but I’ve only seen them in pink, blue, or black.

Hopefully I’ll be able to ride this weekend (in-between staining the fence and deck… ugh), it’s suppose to be great weather.
Ride Safe. ~ Jovi

Sarch said...

54 degrees! We haven't seen that cool of a temperature here in Alabama in so long I have forgotten what it feels like! It HAS started to cool down though and I've got to admit I'm looking forward to the cooler temps and less humidity.

I love the pics Betty. I added a few of my own in a post about a ride to Maggie Valley, Tennessee that I took over Labor Day weekend. Pop over a take a look when you get a spare minute :)