Wednesday, February 14, 2007

MotoFemina - A Real Women's Motorcycle Series
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Some of you may remember that I did a few posts on this special women's motorcycle project this last summer titled MotoFemina. There were three women, Jessica, Laura, & Synth, who didn't know how to ride a motorcycle. As part of the project, they were enrolled in the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) Beginners course. They were given topnotch BMW motorcycle gear and super cool loaner BMW motorycles. They learned many motorcycle skills through the summer and were evaluated throughout. At the end of the summer one of them was chosen to win a brand new BMW F 650 GS. I don't want to say who, as it's on the DVD that is now available.

You can view some of the segments on YouTube and the entire project is available on DVD. I have the DVD and really enjoy watching it. What they published on YouTube is a small portion of all the super-de-dooper stuff they have taped. There were a couple of incidents that happen during this project that are shared by the ladies. So go here and view the YouTube segments. They give a great overview of the project also at this site. It's much better then how I'm explaining it.

Wishing you many motorcycle adventures,

Biker Betty


Mustang said...

wow, that is truly neat..and at the end of the course, one gets to walk away with the 650..kewl !!!

In our club, there's one who has BMW 650..and i tell you, that bike moves !! I ride a 350cc enfield, and the BMW is almost twice the capacity...

any plans of BMW doing courses in india?? :-)


DariDonovan said...

What a great project. My husband and I both own Harley's, I am going to have to check this out. Happy Valentine's Day!

Biker Betty said...

Hi Mustang,

I couldn't believe it when I first discovered it in the spring of last year. But one of them did win a beautiful bright red BMW 650.

I have to say your 350 Enfield is pretty cool, too. When it comes down to it, it's all about the ride, the adventures we have along the way and the friends we make. I can't believe all the wonderful people I have met in the two years I have owned my bike.

BMW contest in India? I guess you'll have to email them and ask, lol.

Hi Daridonovan,

It is pretty neat! I've had a chance to chat with the three ladies in their blog, which is linked to their home page, and they are very nice. I hope to some day get to meet them.

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Valentine's Day.

Betty :)

Mustang said...

true.. it is all about the people we meet along the roads that we ride !!

ride safe

Faraon said...

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