Wednesday, December 27, 2006

~ Winter Storm (Not Yet Named) To Hit the State of Colorado Later Today ~

Okay people, the snow storm is now predicted to start at 10am today, Thursday. They have yet to name this one. They are probably waiting to see how bad it gets. They are saying it very probable to be a two day blizzard!!! Yikes. They are predicting high winds (higher then last week's) and whiteout conditions. My city in Colorado is predicted to get anywhere from 10" to 16" of snow. Not far north they are predicting 15" to 30" of snow and south 3" to 9". So how much will I get, only time will tell. It's suppose to be pretty much like lasts week's, but maybe a little worse. So I will be needing skis instead of my motorcycle pretty soon to get around the city. Don't get me wrong, I love snow, but I'd like to see the storms a little farther apart!

Last week's blizzard was so bad it closed closed Denver's Airport for 45 hours, the longest in their history. It's reported that it is very rare for Denver airport to close at all. They are hoping for the best with this next storm. They haven't had time to get the proper equipment to prevent what happened last week. People are already either getting out early or planning on staying later to avoid the airport.

With this upcoming storm, it's the first time that I have heard the Red Cross announce in advance where their storm shelters will be located. The stores are reporting that they are running out or running low of essencial supplies. Some stores are reporting that they haven't had a chance to get fully stocked from the last storm. When I went to buy milk at the base commissary, they were almost out of milk and it sounds like their not used to that. The TV channel is showing people what to put in their emergency kit for their cars, in case they get stranded or stuck.

Once the snow starts to fall, the city has asked that if you don't need to be out, please to stay at home. I have to snort at that. Many people would love to stay home, but their bosses have something to say about that. My part-time job is on winter break, since I work for a school system. If this storm is true to form, most people will be let off early and be home by about 3-4pm. This storm is starting later in the day then the last one. Most people were home between 1-3pm on the day that storm started.

So here's how I feel about this whole thing:

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I can only hope that when the storm is over, it dries up fast and the roads are clear with decent warm weather. My poor motorcycle is very upset in the cold garage, where it’s been parked for way too long *sigh.*

I hope the weather is better in your part of the world, Biker Betty :)


Anonymous said...

Look on the bright side... hmmm...

1) it's pretty
2) hmmm it's pretty
3) it's pretty?

well, how about some of those how is a 'snow storm like sex' jokes ??

I'll leave you smiling with that one.
Stay warm. Stay safe.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Well, are really in for it, again!!! I hope everything will be alright in your immediate vicinity--like around your home...!
We are having terrible terrible winds here right now as I write this...and I already have damage from last weeks "winds"...some plants knocked dpwn by this....whatever it is!

The weather certainly is now completely unpredictable everywhere, isn't it?
Be safe, Betty.
And a Very Happy New Year to cokme!

Anonymous said...

i really hope it's not as bad as they are predicting. in the meantime, you can make a drinking game of it! every time a snowflake falls, take a shot! won't be long and you'll have that storm forgot about. ;)

Anonymous said...

Stay warm and safe!

As for riding, why not just put some screws in your tires and go out anyway? ;)

Best wishes for the new year!

Biker Betty said...

Pamela, you crack me up!! It is pretty and I'm all set to have to stay put for a few days. I only have to worry about my husband getting home later today. He has a truck that works well in snow and he's very good at driving in snow, so not too much worry.

Hi Naomi, Yes, we are in for it here. The snow is causing lots of problems and it's only just begun. The wind you had might be the storm we are now getting. It came from the west, as I understand it.

Giest, LOL!!! You can come up with the ideas. We actually have stocked up on our beer, lol.

Hi Lucky, Maybe I'll just try it, LOL!!! Be looking at the national news for wild woman on motorcycle in Colorado!!

Mike Werner said...

Price you pay for living in biker paradise.. ;-))

Biker Betty said...

Hi Mike, thanks for stopping by. I guess, at the moment, it's not biker's paradise, lol. But give it May/Jun, at the latest, and the mountain roads is the place to be. Very beautiful.

Happy New Year, Betty :)