Sunday, December 24, 2006

~ Day 11 of "Biker Betty's 12 Days of Christmas" ~

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In honor of the holiday season, I have come up with my version of
"The Twelve Days of Christmas."

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"Biker Betty's Twelve Days of Christmas"
~ Day Eleven ~

On the Eleventh day of Christmas my true love gave to me
11 GPS's (which way do I go?)
10 pieces of luggage (I'm a heavy packer)
9 bungee cords (all assorted lengths)
8 Kuryakyn floorboards (see 6th day)
7 heated vests (one would be awesome, but the song calls for seven)
6 chrome brake pedal covers (they have been known to fall off my bike, so extra is a good thing)
fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive gallons of gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas!!!!! (worth gold these days!)
4 shiny chrome crash bars (that stick out so far I can't fall over, lol)
3 years of insurance (full coverage, mind you),
2 heated hand grips (Ya Baby!!!),
And a horn for my motorcycle (made of chrome).

By Biker Betty

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Come back each day to see the next verse. I came up with this all by myself. I didn't copy this from anywhere and I would appreciate it if you don't copy this without asking me first. Thanks.

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Dawn said...

I'm so lovin' this!

Merry Christmas

Jose said...

And a Merry Chirstmas to you too.

Anonymous said...

11!? mind if i borrow one of those? gods know i could use

eph2810 said...

Betty, this is awesome - I love it! And you are so right about the gas...But then again, in my home country Germany, gas is over $5/gallon...So, we are blessed to have it still under $3.

Merry Christmas to you and yours, Betty.

Biker Betty said...

Hi Everyone, Thanks and have a great Christmas.

Giest, Seems we all need those cool gadgets. If I really had eleven, I'd gladly let you have one, lol.