Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Oh Man, Not Another Blizzard!!!

I can't believe it. I just heard that we will be getting hit with another winter storm. The worse of it is to hit after lunch on Thursday, with whiteout and blizzards conditions. They said we are lucky if we get one of these once in three years. Here we are getting our third one in three months, with the last one just a week ago. I'm still having problems getting to my trash cans, as they are behind a rather high snow drift, lol.

The Mountain Shadow Riders, which I am a member, have plans for a New Years Eve day ride. This storm will most likely put the kibosh on that. They traditionally have a ride on New Years day. But this year decided to do it on New Years Eve day, to avoid riding with a hangover. Last year we couldn't participate and they had a beautiful day for a ride. This year we made sure to keep our calendar empty for the day. Well there's always next year.

I do look forward to a new year with great rides already planned, or in the planning stages, with the Mountain Shadow Riders. This last year I enjoyed every single ride I participated in. They are a great group of people whose main goals are to ride safe and have fun with others. We also like to do things for the community. We had a very successful Breast Cancer Awareness ride, that raised just over $5,000 to give to our local Susan G. Koman Foundation and we have adopted a nursing home. We have adopted a part of a highway to take care of. We look for other opportunities as they arise. While this is a group formed for women, we do have men in our group. The ladies are "Members" and the guys & family members are "Support Members." We are a chapter of "Women On Wheels" and there are chapters in just about every state in the United States. I hear about some of the other chapters having a great time riding, too.

I hope everyone got what they wanted for Christmas. I had a great Christmas and will post pictures of some of the neat things in a few days. I hope the weather permits you to get out and ride. :)


Anonymous said...

pouring down rain here...pouring.

Hoping it is snowing in the mountains

Biker Betty said...

Hi Pamela, Sorry about the rain. It's not snowing here now, but in a few days - once again we will have our fill. They are predicting it to be slightly worse than last week's. So we shall see. At any rate, we will be ready and the kids will have fun.

Michael said...

I won't get out on New Years Eve (my birthday!) or New Years, but I did manage to get a ride in on Christmas day and I was quite happy about it!

There's a group ride scheduled for the first weekend in January, weather permitting I hope to ride with them. As long as the temperature is in the 40s, my non-electrically heated gear is nice and toasty, any colder and I'll be wimping out! ;-)

Anonymous said...

no snow here yet. the closest we got was some freezing rain last night. made for some not so pretty driving conditions on the way back from my parents house.

i hope that blizzards fizzles out long before it reaches you!

Biker Betty said...

Hi Michael, Happy Early Birthday. Mines around the corner on the 16th. Not sure that I can celebrate being 47!!!, lol. I hope the weather hold for your ride. I don't have any of that neat electrical heating gear, either. Hope to some day.

Hi Giest, freezing rain = not good :( It doesn't sound like the snow storm is going to fizzle out, but one can hope. In fact, I had better get out soon to get milk and a few other things. They say plan on being house bound for about 2 days. Parts of my city is still trying to dig out from the last storm.

Anonymous said...

aww, thats sad.. but im sure that 2007 is gng to see a lot of rides happening. Same here, im quite bent to do a lot of riding in the upcoming year.

Thanks for your wonderful comment. After my relationship with my girlfriend going sore, i wanted only a friend to be with.. but i guess i was loooking too hard when i had my bullet by my side all this while..

you have a wonderful year ahead too, betty.. God bless and ride safe..


Biker Betty said...

I just know I will get lots of rides in for 2007 and hope that the winter doesn't keep bringing us snow. Last winter I got in a lot of riding, but this winter isn't over yet.

Again, sorry about your girlfriend. This is hard to hear, but it's better to find out now that you're both not compatable. There is plenty of fish out there and it's hard to be patient. Enjoy that you can get on your motorcycle anytime you want, minus work time, lol.

God bless and ride safe to you also. I look forward to reading about your future rides.

Betty :)