Saturday, December 02, 2006

Ever see a Christmas tree on a motorcycle? Well then, you had better scroll on down and check this out!!!

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This Saturday's Theme is "Lights"

For the Mountain Shadow Riders motorcycle scavanger hunt I had to take a pic of my motorcycle with a Christmas tree. So one day I pulled out my little Christmas tree and decorated it. That evening I rolled out my V-Star 650, plugged in the Christmas tree and took the photo. I love how the lights show up so well on the tree.


Leslie said...

Great picture! The lights really do show up well on the tree.

Pamela said...

Oh that is just too much! I love it! I think you should turn it into Christmas cards! I bet it would go over great guns! It sure brought a smile to my face!!! :)

Anonymous said...

i personally think you should have decorated the bike. ;)

Anonymous said...

Did you play christmas music, too.
We should write a Bikers chrismas Carol just for your pleasure.

how about: (to the tune of holly jolly)
Have a Harley Snarley Christmas
It's the best bike of it's peers
I don't know how fast it goes
But I know it's got the gears.

Oh well...

Biker Betty said...

Okay, you people are just cracking me up, lol!!!

Hi Leslie, Thanks and thanks for stopping by.

Hi Pamela, I'm making this year's card using rubber stamps. I should keep that in mind as an idea for next year.

Hi Giest, I have actually thought of decorating my bike a little for the holidays. But then I had visions of stuff flying off as I rode down the road, lol. Actually though, I had thought of a small wreath securely fastened to the back of my sissy bar with lights that run on batteries. But then too I thought how much will I be able to get out with snow falling about every week these days?

Hi Pamela, I love your song, but I would nix the "Harley" part. I own a Yamaha and it seems that it runs much better then most Harleys, lol.

Anonymous said...

well I couldn't fit Yamaha in that song
Let us try A G A I N !!!!

Mele KalikiYAMAHA is the thing to say
on a bright two-wheelin Christmas Day

That's the r-r-r-umbling greeting that we send to you
from the land where Bikers Play

Anonymous said...

That's such a fun picture! :) Cute idea.

Biker Betty said...

LOL!!! There you go, Pamela. I especially like "That's the r-r-r-umbling greeting that we send to you from the land where Bikers Play." Mind if I possibly use it on next year's Christmas card?

swampwitch said...

Is PameLaLaLa talented or what?
This is my first visit here, I think, that I can remember...Thanks for stopping by for fruitcake today...and yes, you can add spiced rum, vodka, brandy, etc...and call it a Long Island TeaCake...

Jenny said...

I love it!

You need a battery-operated one so you can drive around with it!

Barbara H. said...

Cute!! I don't think I've ever seen a Christmas-decorated motorcycle before!

Anonymous said...

it's all yours... I hope you know the tune.

I have it on an old Bing Crosy record - yup a 33 lp

well, not those words of course
... those were 'special for you

Anonymous said...

Ha! I love it!

Mine's up too :)

Teena said...

Ha! I love it!

Mine's up too :)

Anonymous said...

cool.. looks neat..

ride safe


guppyman said...

That'll work! Light up the bike!

Dawn said...

oh my gosh I love it!!!!!!!

Jose said...

Wow, you came back. Great picture of the bike and tree. How's riding weather, I'm happy to report that here in Arizona we can ride with a light jacket in the afternoons and leather jacket at night. I love Arizona. Merry Christmas.

Biker Betty said...

Thanks everyone for your encouraging comments.

Happy Holidays :)