Friday, December 22, 2006

During this holiday season, my family has found our favorite TV commercial. We love this one and I was excited when I found it on "You Tube" to share with you. This clip of Santa being pulled over by a helicopter police officer is hilarious. Our favorite part is when the police officer asks "What's in the bag." Roars of laughter erupts every time after that statement. My husband spent 20 years in the Air Force working on helicopters, so maybe that is why we especially like this one. Plus we have a few friends on the police force. We hope you enjoy this as much as we continue to do.

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Anonymous said...

i'm usually not a big fan of commercials and i usually don't watch them, but this one makes me smile everytime. took me a couple of watches to realize that it was a helicopter that had him pulled over. hehe. great find!

Biker Betty said...

We aren't too much either, but the holidays always bring forth some very creative ones. It's funny that you should mention that about the helicopter. I, too, didn't realize it was a helicopter at first. I guess because it's dark and I assumed it was a car.

Timika said...

I love that commercial the elf is so cute.