Thursday, December 28, 2006

~ Noon - Colorado Time - Road Conditions: No Motorcycling Today ~

Above is a photo taken not long ago. As you can see, no sane motorcyclist would venture out today. Now my scooter friends just might. It seems scooters do much better under these conditions. On my sidebar is Rush Hour Rambling who does get out in the snow with his scooter.

I did get out in my van this morning just as the snow started. At first it was nothing to write home about, but then the big flakes started flying. In the first store I arrived at the store clerks were worrying about the weather as I was checking out. When I got to the second store the clerks there were starting to get hostile. I could over hear them saying "We'd better get off early," "I'm not getting stuck in this," "What do these customers think their doing shopping in weather like this." Then the "looks" started coming from a few clerks. It's like - getting your business done and get out of here! - sort of looks, lol. Now the weather had only just started, but everyone was getting highly wired and weary of what was to come. All thanks to last weeks storm. This is good, though, as most people will be more cautious and get home as early as they can. A lot of people got stuck going home in last week's storm.

In the last storm the snow plow drivers' biggest complaint was that people were in their way. Mostly the vehicles that got stuck. Which put huge piles of solid snow into the streets, such as the picture below.

The above snow pile is almost as tall as me and I'm 5ft 2inches tall. It's going to be there for quite a while, as it's very solid and will melt very slowly.

As I was leaving the last store to come home, I ventured a gander at a passing clothing store. Two clerks were looking out their store window and one had a hand over her mouth and one on the window, the other one had both hands on the window glass. They gave me the impression that all mankind was abandoning them in their store - to be trapped forever in the snow storm. It was really kind of weird.

Now it's 1:30pm and the roads are very slick. Most vehicles coming up my street are laboring under the process. It's a slight incline and many slipping their way up it. I witnessed a near-miss of two vehicles almost crashing. A truck was coming down another street and couldn't stop and would have plowed into the car, if the car hadn't stopped in time. It was a close one. Actually the truck driver was an idiot!! I saw another car come down the same street and had no problem stopping at the stop sign. Even as I type, I hear vehicles slipping on the road. I can hear wheels spinning and cars getting no where. I can almost smell the burning rubber this is causing. The main roads are probably not as bad, but will be soon enough.

The weather stations are saying there is no avoiding this storm. One station called it "Winter Storm Part 2" and I'm wondering if that is the official name they are giving this. Many places have closed or are closing soon. Of course, not Walmart, Target, etc. Heaven forbid if they must close early to let their employees get home safely!! The wind is starting to pick up, so it's only a matter of time. The worse of the wind is suppose to be tonight and into tomorrow morning. The snow is expected to tapor off by sometime Saturday morning.

For tonight, they are telling everyone to pick a spot and expect to have to stay there for quite a while. If this is like last week's storm, people will most likely be there till sometime late Friday or Saturday afternoon.

I have bird and squirrel feeders in my back yard and the squirrel below has the right idea and that's to stock up. Awwwe, isn't he a cutie? And later he will be heading for his home to weather out the storm.

So, keep safe out there. I hope the snow storm hasn't hit you first or that it's not coming your way next.


KT Did said...

At least the squirel looks happy! LOL.
Seriously though... we out here in California have heard of this storm you all are headed into and hope you stay safe and warm throughout it. Glad you made it to the store so you can stay in now and just get through it... hope you got some hot chocolate and a little brandy!
Happy New Years!

Anonymous said...

Hey Betty,

Being an Atlantic Canadian, I never thought I'd say this but: you guys got snow! We've been lucky so far here, nothin' but a few inches.

Anyhow, happy holidays and all the best in the new year!


Anonymous said...

The Everlovin $ for those stores....sigh

DK said...

I've been hearing you were in for another big storm for 2 solid days now. We're dodging this one - it's 60 degrees here, so when it leaves you, we're gonna get lots of rain. I hope you are tucked in safely at home with plenty of firewood, toilet paper and holiday munchies! I'll say a prayer for you; be patient - Spring will be here before you know it!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Well, it's not coming our way...Thank God...but we have been having these incrediblly terrible winds, and that has it's own problems...not anything like the snowstorms you are having, by any means....Do take good care and stay in if you can!
Gee, is this what Colorado has to look forward to for the next three mnths??? I hope not!

Jose said...

I definitely wouldn't ride under those conditions, alas we don't see that white stuff here in Phoenix.

Have a Happy New Year, looking forward to reading your blog in 2007.

Biker Betty said...

Hi KT - Yes, the squirrel looks pretty happy and very fat! Most of the squirrels look like they have plenty of places to find food!

So far, it looks like everyone is being safe and doing well. Thanks and a Happy New Year to you.

Hi Lucky - I take it you usually have snow by now? Glad the winter is being kind to you. Happy New Year.

Hi Pamela - Yes, the stores always have to look after the greenbacks. Heaven forbid if they put people before profit! Happy New Year.

Hi DK - WOW!!! 60 degrees! That has to be nice. I'd like that most of the time, but at Christmas I do love snow. It just needs to stay off the streets and sidewalks when it falls, lol. Happy New Year.

Hi Naomi - From the sounds of it, that is pretty fierce winds your way. Didn't I read in your blog that it blew down some trees around your house? When I lived as a kid in California, I remember when a 100 mph wind blew through. I lived near the Redwoods and that ruined our tourist season that summer. A lot of the huge old trees toppled over and camp grounds and trails were impassible. You stay safe too. Thanks and Happy New Year.

Hi Jose - You never know, you just might get some one day. When I was younger, I lived in Fortuna, California. It is pretty unheard of to get snow there and we did one year. Two inches closed school, lol. No one had snow tires and it was slick. Happy New Year.