Tuesday, May 02, 2006

"Biker Friendly"

One of the ladies in my riding group has informed us about a person who is giving away free bumper stickers that you put on your car to let motorcyclist know that you, also, drive and/or are aware of other motorcyclist. Go to http://www.bikerfriend.org/ to get the scoop on what appears to be a wonderful idea.

It is the intention of this organization to raise the awareness of motorcyclists on the road. Initially, it was meant for drivers in cars to communicate to a motorcyclist that they also drive a motorcycle (stuck in a cage at the moment) and will allow them room on the road. Now it is hoped that this will also raise the awareness to the non-motorcycle community.

The bumper stickers are free, but if a person would like to donate even just a dollar or two that would be appreciated. They have promised that all donations would go back into making more bumper stickers and go toward the postage needed to send them out to all those who request them.

Go to the website and check it out. Wouldn’t it be great to see all these bumper stickers around town where you live and travel? I’m just helping to pass the word. I haven’t had any dealings with this organization, but this program seems interesting and worth while. So check it out and pass the word to other motorcyclists and non-motorcyclist. It’s a great way to raise the awareness of motorcycles on the road.

Safe Travels in Your Part of the World,

Betty :)


KT Did said...

I like that idea! My Friend Stella made stickers that say "Biker Lady" and I put it on my van so riders can relax while behind me...I notice they do too. Hope they get around.

Biker Betty said...

I think it's a great idea too. That was nice of Stella to make those stickers for you. It will be neat to see how many Biker Friendly stickers show up on the roads.