Saturday, May 13, 2006

Part II - MSR Motorcycle Ride

Here we are. A picture of all of us just before we hit the road. Just look at the view behind us. We were just drinking it in. Wow!! Awesome.

Once we had rested a bit and got a little warmer (some donned more layers or adjusted what they had on) we got back on the road. Just a short way down we made a stop for our MSR scavanger hunt.

Scavanger Pic - Motorcycle with a Water Fall. Karla was kind enough to share this hidden secret with us. You don't really see it as you're coming down the road. A person would definitely notice it once you're past.

We take just a few minutes just looking around and enjoying it.

Just before we leave CR 77 we notice it's getting considerably colder and what looks like rain or snow coming up. We stop to don our rain gear and prepare for possible bad weather. If you look close at the far mountains you will see the newly fallen snow. You can also see something falling just to our left. After some discussion, it is decided to continue on and just face what we get. At this point we are only miles from Kenosha Pass and an elevation of 10,001 ft. And, most importantly, we are very close to our lunch stop!!! After we get on our rain gear, we turn right onto Hwy 285 heading east toward Pine Junction.
While everyone is thoroughly enjoying all the scenery and driving the mild twisties, we are all very glad to take a lunch break. We stop at The Rio Mexican restaurant. It is nice and the food is very yummy. Everyone agreed that it was a great place to stop for lunch.

Here is a shot of the river we have been following on Hwy 285. This is just beside the restuarant. After lunch we get back on our bikes. Not far down the road and on our right we come across a herd of Rocky Mountain Big Horn sheep. We see off in the distance rain or snow, but it never gets to us. We actually get sun on our backs.

A little down the road we stop and everyone gases up. Then we are off and about 1/2 hour down the road (and down is right, as we start to decend in elevation) we turn south/east onto CR 126 and we are now headed for Deckers. This is the most challenging part for some of us newer motorcyclists. The twisties get tighter and we start to spread out some. The road is a skinny, two lane highway. Travis, who is next behind me and to my left, gives me a lot more room as I'm not as good at driving this section of road. I take a little more room getting around the corners. Karla is keeping a good pace and we get through it. While on CR 126 you can smell the pine in the air. Hwy 285 and CR 126 are marked on the map as scenic routes. I'd say every road we have driven today is scenic.

At the end of CR 126 we get onto CR 67 heading south/east. By now my legs are starting to get real uncomfortable. They want off to stretch!!! No adjustments on my part relieve this uncomfortable feeling that is starting to drive me crazy. CR 67 takes us straight into Woodland Park. Just after we enter the town, we stop at a gas station and take a breather. I was never so relieved. My legs were screaming/aching to stretch. When I got off my bike I was jogging in place and doing deep knee bends.

We are very close to Colorado Springs now and at this point some are going to start to leave the group to go home. We all live in different areas and get off at different points. A couple of miles down we get onto Hwy 24 heading east. The majority of the group stays together down the mountain pass till we get close to Colorado Springs. Slowly, one by one, people turn off towards their homes. By the time we are halfway down Platte Ave, there's only 4 of us left, then 3, then just Bill & I.

It was a great ride. I logged 200 miles on this trip. We got a little cold, but it never rained or snowed on us. It was a great day of adventure with friends new and old. We got to know people more and enjoy a shared journey that was fun. After all, isn't that's what lifes about? Knowing your fellow man and sharing common bonds? I think so. After we got home our eldest son told us it had thundered and rained in town. We never saw any of it. I'd like to think that God was looking down on us and protecting us from the elements and anything else that could happen. It was a great Sunday drive in the mountains. We got home about 4:30pm and I felt weary, but content.

Thank you to all who rode and shared in the comaraderie. It was a life journey that I was previledged to share with each and everyone of you. I look forward to more shared rides. Karla, thank you very much for leading us on this ride. You did great!!!

Safe Journeys In Your Part of the World,

Betty :)


Christine said...

That is such an awesome story, Betty!!! The photos were just over the top!!!

Riding through the forest was amazing, wasn't it?? I know it's tough, we had a rider go down when we rode the route, so it's all about safety....and your comfort zone will increase as you get the experience!!

200 miles is a toughie if you aren't used to it. We did 260 yesterday and I could feel it...

Yeah, look for that story tomorrow!!

Gymi said...

That's some great looking coutry. Sounds like a good time.