Thursday, May 04, 2006

Monday was a Great Day for Motorcycle Riding.
My husband had Monday off and after I worked an hour in the morning, we were able to hit the road for a few hours on our motorcycles. We couldn't ask for nicer weather. We got on Powers Blvd, in Colorado Springs, and headed north. When Powers ends, we got on Hwy 83 north. This is a very popular route by the local bikers here in town. Many prefer it over I25. It will take you straight up to Denver. It's in great condition and a motorcyclist can feel pretty safe driving this route. When we first got on it, we were in forest area. As you drive down the road, you can smell the pine trees. It's very relaxing. You have some gentle twisties to play with for quite a few miles and then you come out onto the sprawling country side. Houses are set far apart and there are many ranches.

Here's Bill and a view of a section of the road. Going north this is mostly what you see. It's just wide open space.

Here I am with a south view of the road. You have the view of Pikes Peak and the foot hills of the Rockies. It is hard to put into words how I feel every time I look at the mountains and to be able to see them every day. It's a true blessing.

While we were out we were able to get some of the ever popular "MSR Scavanger Pictures." YaHooo!!! I needed to find a tree farm and here one was.

Here is another MSR Scavanger Hunt Pic - Me and a ranch sign

Here is the gorgeous view we had all the way back home. We went about 40 miles out of town and, of course, 40 miles back again (sigh). We had one annoying note. After taking this last picture my camera battery died! I was perturbed with myself for not watching the battery more closely. But oh darn, we have to go out that way again. There are still a few scavanger hunt pics to get out that way that we couldn't get due to the dead camera. Hmmmm...

We didn't meet much traffic on this day. It was like a stroll in a park. At one of the stops we made there were chickens by the side of the road. They were set back enough that we didn't need to worry about them, but they were free to go where their hearts desired. I wanted so much to get a pic of them with my motorcycle, but alas, the camera was dead by this time (uggg!!). No, chickens are not on the scavanger list. I just love chickens. I just know any MSR members reading this is getting a kick out of my misery (lol). I've driven this route twice before and never noticed as much as I did today. It was a lot of fun. If the weather goes as predicted, we have a 200 mile trip on Sunday that is planned by the Mountain Shadow Riders. It's suppose to be nice that day, please send up prayers that it will be and that we have safe travels.

Safe Journeys in Your Part of the World,

Betty :)


KT Did said...

So beautiful... I will make sure to come there! I would love to do the sprawling curves with you two one day...soon! Great day, great ride!

Biker Betty said...

Hi KT, if you're ever out this way, we'd be glad to. Loved your first report and pictures on your Laughlin trip. Hopefully another year when you're going, I'd be able to too. That would be cool!

ellopez said...

what a grand monday. now thats how to start a week. thanks for taking us along. the mountains are truly awe inspiring. thanks for sharing. the highest mountain here in florida is 200 feet.

Gymi said...

Sounds like a great ride. Great scenery too.