Friday, May 12, 2006

200 Mile Motorcycle Ride posting soon.

Hi Everyone, I am frustrated beyond belief and the fact that it is now almost 1am probably doesn't help matters at all (UGhhhhh..!). I have been trying for the last hour to get pictures loaded from my trip last Sunday. We took a 200 miles motorcycle ride up into the mountains, through Lost Creek Wilderness Area and over Kenosha Pass. It was spectacular and I have some really cool pictures. As I understand it, there were 14 motorcycles and 16 people. Sorry, I forgot to count, but that is what another rider told me. It was a lot of fun and I can't wait to tell you all about it.

Firday is unbelievably busy and so is Saturday. As soon as I can squeeze an hour in, I will give this another try.

Sometimes technology isn't so great :(

Safe Journey's in Your Part of the World,

Betty :)


KT Did said...

Looking forward to next week.. I love the pics. Its always hard to pick the best of the bunch.

WooleyBugger said...

I have problems with pictures also. For some reason somtimes a picture will be up on the site and then just disappear. Must be computer gnomes or something. They'll steal anything...

Anonymous said...

Hi Betty-
Just wanted to connect with you and see your site. Very nice!
I worked last night until 1 on my latest portrait so I'm a little drifty this morning, but you can't fight the feeling! Hope you have a fun weekend. I have no assignment for monday, yet. I usually get the automated sub call starting at 5am. I will be at Rudy Elem, on tuesday, North MS on wednesday and Keller elem on thursday, nothing yet on friday. Friday a short day so it will be "free money" wherever I go. Please stay in touch.Oh, before I forget, is there an easier way to email? I would like to send you a couple of attachements of my latest work.
Thanks- Harry Miller

Biker Betty said...

Hi KT, tonight or tomorrow I will hopefully get them up tonight or most likely tomorrow.

Hi Wooley, so that is what's at fault. So hopefully I will be able to post those pictures if the gigabyte gnomes don't steal them (lol).

Hi Harry, it was really nice meeting you and I can't wait to see the art you have been working so hard on. It is so interesting how you take different pictures and combine them with watercolors or pencil into a piece of art. Your motorcycle art is awesome.

Safe Journeys Everyone, Betty :)