Tuesday, May 30, 2006

MotoFemina Cast
Hi everyone. I just found a fairly new website that I think you find very interesting. http://motofemina.blogspot.com/ It's about three novice women motorcyclist and a project called "MotoFemina. These three women will not only learn riding skills, but also technical skills. They each put together what is called a "posse," that is a team that will help them learn. They are being videoed and the first showing by pod or web cast is scheduled for sometime in July. The one person deemed to have learned the most technical skill and has the most enthusiasm will win a new F650GS in September. It sounds like a hoot and I'm following their progress. They each post their thoughts to MotoFemina. So go check them out.


KT Did said...

Thanks BB... I'm going over there now.
Thanks to you for serving this nation too!!!

Laura said...

BB thanks for the great words of wisdom over on the blog. You're not too far away from us down here in Santa Fe. If you're ever south of Colorado and need a riding buddy let me know. Of course, I guess I need to win the motor bike first.

Biker Betty said...

Hi KT, I think you will enjoy the progress of these three ladies and the project they are doing. It is just really neat.

Hi Laura, I'd love to ride with you if we're ever in the same area. Whether you win the bike or not, you will still be a winner by all the experience you have gained. I can't imagine going thru all that and not getting a motorcycle(winning or otherwise). You and the other ladies sound hooked on motorcycles (lol) and for a good reason.

Safe Journeys, Betty :)

synth said...

Love the post Betty! Thanks for including us on your blog site.
The logo looks nice :)
Maybe as the word gets out, we can all make new friends and travel around the country meeting them. That would be so much fun.
I believe we are getting back on the bikes over the weekend of June 10/11 so we'll see how that goes :)
Thanks again Betty for visiting our blog and posting on yours. I hope you won't mind if, once in a while, I bend your ear on bike questions.

Biker Betty said...

Thanks Synth, Like I said before, I'm glad to help get the word out about the unique project you three ladies are doing on motorcycles.

So you haven't been on the bikes since the MSF course? Wow, I think I would go crazy!!! After I passed the course I couldn't wait to get my own bike and then I found any reason (and my husband too) to get out on it. Even if it was just to the store a mile down the road (lol).

I would love to have my ear bended, ask away. On my links is Christine's Corner & KT DID and they are ladies who have been riding much longer then me and I know they would also love to have their ears bended, too. We are ladies who love to ride!!!

If there's ever a chance for all of us to meet and ride together that would be very cool. You just never know what the future holds.

I look forward to hearing about June 10/11th and good luck. Don't worry about it, just enjoy. There may a few things you initially forget, but don't sweat it, we have all been there. I have witnessed seasoned riders go to start their bikes and forget a step and can't figure out why their bikes won't start (lol).

You will do great!! Betty :)