Saturday, May 27, 2006

Where Has the Week Gone?

WOW!!! This last week went by in such a blurrrr.... I managed to get out on my motorcycle, for errands only, a few times these last weekdays.

I have two sons and both graduated this last week. One from elementary school and the other one from high school. It was so hard and yet exciting to watch my eldest graduate. He, of course, enjoyed every moment and couldn't wait to get his diploma (lol). He goes to college in the fall and his bags are almost packed already!!! (sigh). It's hard to see your first one leave the nest (*sniff*). So both my boys have stepped into the next phase of their lives and it's great to watch them grow into young men.

My husband and I did manage to get on our motorcycles last weekend and I got some great mountain shots. We managed to rack up a fair amount of mileage. In a few days I will post them.

Safe Journeys in Your Part of the World,

Betty :)

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Giest said...

i've barely had a real chance to get out on bike. every day that i'm out, i'm on my way to work. not too mention it's been raining here for about a week. oh well, at least i enjoy the ride to work. :)