Sunday, April 30, 2006

Caught in the Rain on My Motorcycle

Scavanger Pic - Biker in the Rain

For those of you following my MSR Scavanger hunt, I was at least able to get one more item on the list as seen above. I was out on errands today with my husband when it started to rain. He on his Honda and me on my Yamaha. At first the rain was no big deal, but then the drops got so big it felt like hail (but wasn't). I hate getting caught in the rain, because that means mud on all the chrome of my motorcycle and needing to wipe it down as soon as I get home (errrrgg!!). I can't stand to leave a wet and dirty motorcycle. Left to dry like that makes it harder to clean later.

Me drying and cleaning my bike after driving in the rain.

My husband is just the opposite. He could care less and will park it and go in the house. He calls me obsessive and I call him... SLOB! I'd like to hear from those of you who read this. Which type are you? Please post comment to let me know.

A. Must dry and polish right away and prevent water spots and get ride of the mud.


B. Leave the water and mud to dry on the motorcycle and deal with it in maybe a month or so.

This last Friday the Mountain Shadow Riders (MSR) had their monthly family dinner. These are a lot of fun. It's great to be able to talk with each other and exchange motorcycle stories and adventures. At my table we actually talked about the pros and cons of keeping the chrome on our bikes shiny. Bill & I were talking with Jim and Loree. We were 50-50 on the discussion. Seems Bill and Loree like to just ride and not worry about whether the chrome is shiny or not. Jim and I enjoy polishing our chrome and love to have our bikes shine. I have to also say in my defense that as I'm polishing I am noting whether anything is leaking oil that shouldn't be or anything working loose that shouldn't be. Bill says I'm so obsessive and he had to relay the following story (that is true):

Last August we were suppose to go up to Cripple Creek right after he got home around 1pm. It was the annual Cripple Creek Salute to American Veterans Rally and Festival. Well, that day the rain was really bad (buckets of water out of the sky bad) and it hails and thunders for hours. Bill rode his motorcycle to work in the next town north that morning. In the afternoon on the way home he got caught in this bad weather and couldn't find shelter and just had to tough it out and drive home.

I was being the dutiful wife and watching for him to raise the garage door so he could get in quickly. So he gets home and I open the garage door. Things were hunky doory till he started splashing water all over my newly polished motorcycle!!! So I grab a towel and head to my motorcycle, but he's thinking I had grabbed the towel to give to him. I think not!! He's soaked to the bone and this little towel won't help him a bit!, but it's enough to get the water drops he's slinging all over my bike. Bill (and I help, in my defense) gets done with this story and has the table roaring with laughter. Okay, I'm pathetic. I just love shiny chrome and would love to change out a few things on my bike for more chrome. Bill informs me I need to win the lottery or it ain't goin' to happen (sigh). There's always Mother's Day (**smile**), hint.. hint to my hubby (wink).

So please tell me whether you like shiny chrome and work hard on your bike to maintain it or could care less if the chrome is shiny. Oh, we did make it to the festival the next day and with our marriage still intact (lol).

Remember: "A Clean Motorcycle is a Healthy Motorcycle"

Well, Safe Travels in Your Part of the World,

Betty :)


Christine said...

If I can't ride, I'll polish. If it's a choice between polishing and riding..I'm riding...

Clean is cool, but I'm not sweating it. I won't get that obsessive over it...

Now, I gotta go wash my bike!

ellopez said...

great article betty. one that we all have an opinion on i'm sure. i personally agree with both of you. when i get home after a days ride, i'm done. In the house, shower and couch, in that order. then, two days before the next ride, it is wash and polish time. Also you have the right idea to check the little things while polishing...

Biker Betty said...

Christine, you brought up a good point. If I had to choose between riding or cleaning, riding will always win hands down.

Ellopez, Thanks for your remarks. It's true, if I get home from a long ride I will not bother with the bike, unless I had just been caught in the rain. It's easier to wipe down a bike while it's still wet, of course it would be a quick cleanup if I'm tired.

Thanks for both your answers.