Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Rocky Mountain Ride For A Cure
This last Saturday I was invited to tag along with Kelly & her husband Paul to ride up to Denver, CO to participate in the Rocky Mountain Ride For A Cure. We met a little after 8am in Colorado Springs to head up to Denver. It was overcast at that time, but not really cold. In the drive up, I never regretted not wearing the winter gloves. Kelly took the lead since she knew Denver really well, thanks Kelly. Everyone was to meet at Fay Myers Motorcycle World, on Arapahoe Rd, and register. It is a poker run, so we get our first card here. (I had never played poker and didn't have a clue what I was doing.) They were offering free pancakes for all entrants, but we hopped on our bikes and took off for the next distination: Isle of Capri Casino, Black Hawk, CO. I should of paid attention to the time it took to get there. It was a little over an hour. We took the back roads and it was a beautiful drive. By this time the sun has broke out and it's a gorgeous day.The twisties on HWY 6 were a lot of fun. I've been on tighter twisties, so these were just very enjoyable. For part of the drive up HWY 6 you follow a creek. It was very pretty.

Here's a scavanger pic - "Casino"
The Isle of Capre Casino was pretty impressive. You come around a corner and then there are these huge buildings tucked in the mountain side. Sorry, I didn't get a picture of those. We went inside and got our next two cards. Then we registered with the casino, got a free T-shirt (they ask you what size you want, I wanted medium, then inform you they only have large & x-large, lol), and a $10 buffet for $5 for registering with them. They have a large assortment of food and it was pretty good.
Pic of band at Fay Myers at the end of the day. They sounded really good.

Scavanger hunt pic - "Drive-In Theater"

Hey Kelly, What's ya doing to Paul?

After eating, we got back on the road and headed back to Fay Myers for our last card. By this time, I'm feeling pretty lucky. I have 4,5,6 & 7 of hearts. I'm finding out this isn't too bad. On the drive back we catch this drive-in theater. WoooHaaa. It's on the scavanger list for the Mountain Shadow Riders contest we are doing.

Fay Myers at the End of the Day

We get to Fay Myers with no incidents. Kelly takes us in the back roads of Denver. We get there and people are asking us what happened to us. We had left before them, but get there after them. Let's just mention what Paul said shouldn't be typed in this blog. Of course he was joking!? Kelly knew exactly where she was going and the route we took, while may have been longer, wasn't congested. We get there and eat free pizza and get our last card. Shucks, my last card is a dud!!! Oh well, it was all for a great cause. On the drive back home we battle some really hellatous (is that a word?) winds. It's a real battle, but we get home safely. The day was a success and lots of fun. Thanks again to Kelly & Paul for allowing me to tag along.

Side Note: On July 1st, in Colorado, a new "Committed To A Cure" motorcycle license plate will be available. This is the first special interest motorcycle plate, other than a military one, to be introduced by the State of Colorado. If it's anything like the license plate pin I recieved for the run, I will have to get it. I heard lots of compliments on the pin.

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