Monday, April 24, 2006

Hi to all. My name is Betty and I live in Colorado Springs, Colorado and this is my first blog. Actually, it's the second attempt, as the first was obliterated when I lost power to my computer. I had it plugged in, but the outlet wasn't on and I didn't notice (**embarassment**). "You might be a redneck if you plug in your computer but forget to..."

I have a Yamaha V-Star 650 2002 Custom and absolutely!!! love riding it. I've been riding just over a year now and plan to "blog" my thoughts, interests, and adventures on my motorcycle. My husband has a Honda Nighthawk 1992 and we are having a blast getting out together on our motorcycles. He, too, has been driving a motorcycle just over a year. How we got started will be a blog for another day.

I'm a member of Mountain Shadow Riders, a chapter of Women on Wheels. It's been great meeting other people who love and enjoy riding also. They are a great support system to other women and even guys. We are currently doing a scavanger hunt that started April 1st and goes thru Oct 31st. We have to find just over 350 things. You must have your own motorcycle in the picture of each item. If you are caught trailering your motorcycle you get the wonderful title of "Trailer Trash." Some of the items are days away from where we live. Why would anyone want to trailer when you can drive on your motorcycle? I don't think any of the ladies in our group that would be interested in anything but driving.

I hope to have a trip or two this summer with some of them to a few of the items. Some of the stuff is "the Four Corners," "Mesa Verde National Monument," and Hitler's Desk Keys." Hilter's Desk Keys are you asking? I was puzzled till I did a search and did indeed find out that they are here in the state of Colorado. I hope to be posting pictures in the next couple of days. I am currently experiencing difficulties in trying to post my pictures. Something about "my tag is broken" and heck, I've never been any good at hide-and-seek let alone tag!!!

Safe Travels,



Dianne said...

Looks like so much fun, Betty. Glad you enjoy biking in addition to stamping. You're such a diversified lady.


Biker Betty said...

Thanks Dianne. It is a lot of fun, just like rubber stamping. Thanks for all your help in the stamping department.

KT Did said...

Well, well, welllllll...... you are a cohert of Christines.... gads I am afwaid of now!! The scavenger hunt sounds like so much fun! Looking forward to your adventures!
KT Did

Biker Betty said...

Thanks KT. The scavanger hunt is a hoot!! I have never had so much fun finding things. I never knew there was so much out there in Colorado to see. I can't wait to get a days drive from the springs for some of the stuff. I enjoy reading your blog. Christine is a riot with all the things she is finding and the people she is talking with along the way. Now there is someone who gets out and find things!!! But then she made the list, hmm..... Just kidding Christine.

Christine said...

No worries, Betty, I have to ride to those things too and honestly, I put the list together in two days so to find all the things didn't leave me much to time to dawdle...

I only wished I took notes, but in all wouldn't have been fair to everyone else.

KT, Betty is a sweetheart, and I'm going to ignore that list crack...

She's a riot too, she's just more subtle at it than I!

Biker Betty said...

Hey Christine, you did an awesome job putting the list together. While we all joke with you about it, you're right in that we all have to drive to each item. It's an impressive list and lots of work went into it. Thanks. We will have to see about getting together for one of the longer rides this summer.

Safe Riding,