Saturday, April 29, 2006

Motorcycle Accident

I was just reading Christine's Corner (see "Link") and she found out yesterday that a friend of a friend of her's had a serious motorcycle accident. She should pull through, but may lose a leg. See Christine's Corner for updates and keep this friend in your prayers.

If you have never had a Motorcycle Safety Foundation Course, this would be the time to seriously consider it. We can't control all circumstances around us, but we can take the responsibility and try to learn as much as possible about how to protect ourselves. I can never say enough about how great the course is. They teach defensive driving on the motorcycle and a whole lot more. I don't know either way if the person in the above mentioned accident had the course, it just made me think to tell people about the course. You may be totally new to motorcycling and not be aware that such a course exists. Check out the following website for information of classes near where you live (Motorcycle Safety Foundation). You may think it cost too much, but consider how much more it will cost for an emergency room visit and trauma care. If the learned knowledge could save you from a serious accident... think about it.

Please keep the above person in your prayers.

Safe Travels in Your Part of the World,


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