Friday, April 28, 2006

Younger Son's First Ride

A couple of weekends ago, our youngest son got to go on his first ever motorcycle ride. My husband and I had many discussions over whether or not to let him ride on the back of one of our motorcycles. First, we would never let him on the back unless he was wearing the proper gear. Then there was the "risk" factor.

He has begged us many times to ride with one of us. My bike, at the present time, isn't set up to take passengers. My saddle bags are hiding the footpegs and I don't have a sissy bar. Plus, the passenger seat (if you want to call it that) is a joke. It's awfully uncomfortable and the upgrade really isn't much better. There's not many choices of upgrade seats for a Yamaha V-Star 650 custom. You know what I mean when, anytime you look at any type of upgrades for a motorcycle, you can hear the cash register's ca-ching ca-ching.

We decided to let him ride along on short, local jaunts around town. Bill & I have been all over town checking out the gear for kids and there's not much to be found for kids who ride cruisers. There is the most important helmet and we did find that. But for armor jackets and leather chaps, there isn't anything. There is loads of gear for kids who ride the small sport bikes on trails, but that stuff isn't the same. We have looked at the small sizes of women's jackets, but Lee wasn't with us at the time. He is just about 12 years old and is very skinny and small for his age. When he puts on a waist pack for hiking it just drops to his feet (lol).

We get all the gear we can find for our son and go out to find stuff on my scavanger hunt list. In a previous entry I gave some of the details of this scavanger hunt that my riding group (Mountain Shadow Riders) is doing. My son is decked out in his helmet, very thick winter coat, heavy pants, and gloves. Did he have fun. Bill first took him on a short ride around home. My son loved it, so off we went on the scavenger hunt.

Scavenger Hunt Pic - Focus on the Family

Our first stop was Focus on the Family. My son did very well getting out to that. Next stop: Garden of the God.

Scavanger Hunt Pic - Garden of the Gods

Here's my son and myself at Garden of the Gods. To the left of us is my husband's Honda Nighthawk. He has been great about being my photographer for most of the scavanger hunt pictures.

My husband and son at the Garden of the Gods

After all that riding we went and got ice cream. It was a beautiful day and we had a wonderful ride around Colorado Springs. We are so lucky to have places like Garden of the Gods, other regional parks, and the Pikes Peak region at the edge of our city. Our son was a bit tired after all that. His only complaint was that his arms got tired. Bill said he giggled lots and was happy as can be riding on the back of his motorcycle.

Now I'm hinting to my husband that we need a Honda Goldwing, so our son can be more comfortable on longer rides. Let's just say the look he gave me let me know that that ain't goin' to happen any time too soon (sigh). He would love a Goldwing, or something like it, but the cost is putting us off for the moment. I'm sure many of you understand what that's all about. So for the longer rides, sadly, our son must stay home. He just wouldn't be able to hold up. Well, he's almost 12 and before this mom realizes it he will be able to ride his own (YIKES!!).

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Gymi said...

He's big enough for an XR 80, might as well get him started now so he can develop the skills he needs for the road when he is ready for his fisrt street bike:)

Biker Betty said...

We have looked at motorcycles for his size and we are pretty certain he would enjoy it. The prices on the new motorcycles for kids make you choke, but there are lots of used one to look at. For kids, it's always best to buy used. Then when they scratch it up, it's no big deal.

Starting off on dirt roads and trails is a great idea. I'd forgotten that that's the way I started. That's what I did when I was in high school. My grandpa had a Honda dirt/road bike. He let me drive it whenever I wanted when I was visiting. He'd drive it to my aunt & uncle nearby, and they had tons of dirt trails to drive on. I was in seventh heaven.

We don't live near dirt trails for our son to drive on. I guess that's why we haven't thought too much about it. But it's definitely a thought to keep on the back burner.

Thanks for the info :)


Vinod said...

Nice write up and pictures. Great to see more bloggers out there sharing their motorcycling experiences! Growing up in India, where two-wheelers are the preferred mode of transport, I used to ride on my dad's motorbike ( an old 250cc bike called Jawa) when I was as little as 6 months old! My bom would be sitting pillion ( sid-saddling) and holding me in her arms while my dad was navigating the mean streets! Talk about starting young!

Biker Betty said...

Thanks Vinod. I look forward to sharing motorcycle experiences with everyone. I'm really enjoying it. You really did start young. Your mom had to be an adventurous person to be sitting side saddle on the back of a motorcycle on what sounds like very busy streets. I've visited your blog before and you do a great job yourself and the photography is great!!

Safe Travels, Betty :)