Friday, January 02, 2009

On The Road Again

I was very excited today, as I got to ride my motorcycle for the first time this year and since early October. I had to go into work for a couple of hours today on my day off. I've been off for the last two weeks since school is out. Into the first week our Christmas break the school library got flooded and it looks like over 300 books got water damaged (and that's another story, sigh).

I planned last night I was going to ride today, as the weather prediction was good for today. First thing I did before backing it out of the garage was start the engine. It hadn't been started since early October and I wasn't certain what would happen. True to my Yamaha V-Star 650 track record it started up on the 3rd attempt. Talk about a dependable bike!! I love my Yamaha ;)

When I took off it was almost 34 Degrees F. Yah, it was balmy, lol. I could see my breath, but I was soooo happy to be riding that I didn't notice how cold my hands were till I was almost to work. When I pulled out of my driveway I had the biggest smile :) After working a few hours I went home to feed my son and then planned a short ride, ahem.

After a quick bite I decided I had better check my tire pressure and the front tire was very low. I should have checked it before taking off earlier - shame on me!!! Note to readers and myself: Don't call your significant other at their work to ask questions to do with minor maintenance before going on ride. They get cranky knowing you are going out and they are stuck at work. They tend to not be very helpful with the knowledge you seek, lol.

My goal was to ride to two motorcycle stores in town. I decided to go by way of Garden of the Gods. It was such a beautiful day I needed to ride thru and take in the winter beauty. It was pretty busy with lots of visitors. Seems I wasn't the only one with the same idea.

On the way out I just had to stop and take a picture of this mountain. I learned most of my rock climbing on it and did many lead climbs to the top. It is lots of fun. The view at the top is breathtaking. I wrote about it early on in this blog.

I then thought it would be really cool to run up the pass (Hwy 24) and do a quick visit to Woodland Park. (Remember - this is just a short jaunt, lol). Little did I know how "cool" it would be. Most of the pass was in the shade and talk about cold, brrrr. It felt like the time I had jumped into a snow fed lake in Oregon. It was very "refreshing"!?!. I get up to Woodland Park, gas up, and head back to the springs.

The town of Green Mountain Falls is situated in such a way that it is in the shade most of the time. I took a detour to take a picture of the snow they still have. It was pretty cold there and I got back on the highway to get to warmer weather.

I haven't been to the two motorcycle stores I like to visit in quite a while. First stop was Apex Sports to see if anything new is out. My main goal was to see the 2009 Yamaha V-Star 950. I read a review about it in Rider magazine and was very curious and excited to see. They didn't have it, or I just couldn't find it. It wasn't thru lack of trying. I looked over everything twice, lol.

Next stop was Rocky Mountain Cycle Plaza and - Jackpot!!! - They had what I was dreaming to see. It IS very cool and I will share a picture tomorrow. I couldn't find it at first, but a salesman was very helpful in helping me locate what I was looking for. What a sweet bike. After talking with the salesman who, gave me lots of information on the 2009 V-star, I went into the accessories store to see what new things were there and to see if Sharon was in. Everyone there is very nice, but I have got to know Sharon thru the years. She works in accessories and greets everyone with a huge smile. She was there and we had a very nice chat getting caught up with each other. I was really sorry to hear she and her husband have been thru some rough times this last year with her husband health and I really wish her and her husband the best in 2009.

It was 5pm and I figured I had better hightail it back home. The sun was setting and the evening commute was in full swing. I got home safely and what a fun afternoon of playing hookie. I managed to blow out all the cobwebs from my motorcycle and get 70 miles today

What a great day and wishing you one too,

Biker Betty :)


Donna said...

Wow, I thought we were doing a big thing riding yesterday at 50 degrees. That's cold enough for me!

Earl Thomas said...

As I sit here with 30+ inches of snow on the ground and the temps in the single digits, Spring can't get here soon enough.

What I would give for the weather you are having. I envy you!

Ride Well and stay warm.


Biker Betty said...

Hi Donna,
The day started off almost 34 degrees F., but I meant to mention it did get warmer later in the morning. Going up the mountain pass felt like 34 degrees again, lol.

Hi E.T.,
Okay, that is a LOT of snow!! I feel for you. We do have snow coming, but nothing like you have now. May spring come in a timely manner.