Thursday, January 08, 2009

Give Me My Kidney Back!?!

I just heard of this unbelievable story a little bit ago on CNN. I just have to tell you about this. Not sure if you had heard about it, but what a circus it is turning into. Get a load of this... Seems Richard Batista, a doctor in Long Island, is suing his estranged wife for his kidney back or $1.5 million for damages and compensation.

Here's the brief low down:

His wife, Dawnell had two failed kidney transplants earlier. He donated his kidney to her in 2001, in hopes that that would work and she would get better. She still has it, so this transplant must be a success. Years later, feeling much better, she took up karate and hurt her knee during a lesson. Her husband is alleging that she started having an affair with her physical therapist in 2003. In 2005 she served her husband divorce papers. She is also not letting him visit their three daughters, ages 8, 11, & 14.

It's been reported that Richard is so hurt and angry over this, that he has decided to sue his wife in the divorce settlement for his kidney back or the $1.5 million mentioned above.

Okay, do you think this is helping his practice? I mean - Yikes!! He really needs to think deep about this. It's looking real bad for him. He really needs to let this go. Doesn't he ever want to see his daughters? He "donated" the kidney, for cry'n out loud. She is saying she didn't have the affair. I'm not here to judge either way. All I know is what the news portrays (and we know how that can work sometimes). It's just mind boggling that someone would want back an organ they had donated to help another person get better. This takes Indian Giver to a whole new level, lol.

You can go to to get the story. I also googled "Richard Batista" and went to a few other web pages for more info.

You know, when you hear stories like this... I'm not so sure we have totally evolved from the ape.

May your part of the world be a little saner,

Biker Betty :)


Baron's Life said...

This takes Indian Giver to a whole new bet it does and in a sordid sorta way it's funny!!!
But remember: We never ever really evolved from the said it and it's so true...!
Human nature, hormones imbalance, lack thereof and/or an over abundance of same ...and the result: Voila... I want my Kidney back or better yet 1.5 million.
The man is sick in the head and should have his licence to practice revoked...If she had an affair...well it's his fault...and I say so...only because...would a satisfied and loved woman look elsewhere? I think not...but then again...we're all

"Joker" said...

Sounds like something we should be seeing on the cover of the "Weekly World News" in the checkout line at the supermarket and laughing about. Laughing because we know it's just outrageous bullshit. When it shows up on the real news and something like that is's just wrong on all levels.

Right turn Clyde...

Mustang said...

I think its because of a lot of hurt that the man is going through... but he really needs to let go and move on..
this is what happens when one knows who they are donating their organs to. Trust is something that should definitely be there in a marriage...and its obvious that there isnt any..

but on the whole, its a very bad scene for him and his practise..


Lady Ridesalot said...

This is a "case" of the ridiculous! I wish folks like this would take their revengeful plights somewhere other than our Legal System.

Put a fork in him... he's done!

Biker Betty said...

Hi Baron,
It will be interesting to see if more details come out and how it all turns out. Obviously, he's not going to get his kidney back.

Hi Joker,
Thanks for stopping by. My first reaction was "What?!?" and then I had to laugh. I just couldn't believe it.

Hi Mustang,
Long time since we have talked. Hope all is well after your wedding and all the other stuff going on. From reading about this, they use the phrases "hurt" and "angry" a lot. Yeah, he needs to let go.

Hi Lady Ridesalot,
I read that his marriage was on the rocks when he gave his kidney in hopes of turning things around. Our poor legal system has really been taking a beating, huh? I have never heard "Put a fork in him...he's done." That is hilarious!!

Pamela said...

love and hate --- the epitome I guess!

Open Road Biker said...

I imagine the guy feels betrayed, not sure of all of the details but she is the one filing for divorce. Can you imagine doing something like that for someone that you loved and then they turn around and leave you? Ever heard those stories about the person who puts their spouse through college and once they graduate the one that put them through college gets left holding the bag while the newly graduated professional leaves for someone else. Love is cruel and we all forget that when the marriage contract is made we also claim to give something till death do us part (love if it needs to be said). So if I can take the liberty, I would say there is more than one indian giver here.

Biker Betty said...

You are very right.