Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Question to Fellow Bloggers who use "Blogger"

To my horror I just discovered that two of my posts have been taken off my blog. They have been reverted back to "drafts." The one I noticed first was posted not long ago when I won the iPod from the local BMW dealership. Many of you will remember this one, because I got lots of comments. In it I had a link to the dealership. Do you think Adsense is playing Big Brother and messing with my posts?

When I went to "Blogger" to find an email address to see what's going on I couldn't find any. The other post missing is also suspiciously about BMW’s. It’s in reference to the Motofemina project and I mentioned about the F650GS motorcycles. It also had a mini video that was working fine. No links there, though.

I have looked at removing the ads, especially if they are going to be picky about what I talk about, if that’s even the problem. But if I now remove the ads, I read that they will delete my entire blog I have worked so hard on. YIKES!!!

Please share your experiences and quick before this post disappears too, lol.


Giest said...

i don't think that they have a right to mess with your blog. after all, it's your words and they are just using up space on your page. i also don't think they will delete your blog if you get rid of the advertisements. i was using adspace on a previous blog and never had any issues as to what i posted or when i removed the ads.

on the other hand, blogger is ridiculously glitchy and it's very possible that some of your posts just got bumped into draft status. i've also had that happen to some of my blogs.

i would just re-publish them and see what happens. ;)

Biker Betty said...

Hi Giest,

Thanks for the info. Not sure what's happening with my posts and Blogger can be very frustrating at times. I will have to try and repost.

I guess I can't complain tooo loudly, as it's a free service *sigh*.

Hey, glad to read your first installment of your motorcycle vacation. The pics are great as usual :)

Mustang said...

i guess its part of the "free" service glitch.. republish it and im sure things should be back to as they were..


Dawn said...

I left blogger a while back because I would write post, then couldn't find them, non stop problems. I know it's free, but I'm just not patient enough so that's why I went to the free wordpress site. I hope you get it fixed. There's nothing like writing something then for it to be gone. Best of luck. I hope you get them back.

Just wanted to come by. I know it's been so long. Patt is FINALLY getting better and life is getting back to "normal". I can go back to blogland yeah! Thanks for checking up on him. I really appreciate it.

BTW- I know I've changed looks so many times, but my new look is finally there. I will not be changing looks for a long time:)

Biker Betty said...

Hi Mustang,

Is that what we should call it? The "Free" Service Glitch? LOL Anyway, I took Giest's and your advice and I was able to repost it and it's at the present time back in place. Why that ever happened only the "Blogger Zone" will ever know, lol.

Hi Dawn,

I remembered you talking about this exact thing and others before you did your change. I remember reading your frustrations and now feel your pain, lol. I just went over to your place and LOVE IT! I'm so glad your husband, Patt, is doing much better.

Most of you won't know this, but Patt had a motorcycle accident mid-August that tore the skin off his backside, arms and shoulders. He was just going down the road, so didn't put on his protective gear. He's getting his bike fixed, new helmet and better gear.

So glad Patt's better and things are getting back to normal

Everyone Take Care, Betty :)

james - said...

It is not adsense, its technology wouldn't be able to delete posts. Blogger is just a poor implementation of blogging software. They are over their heads with splogs and keeping up with other features.

Biker Betty said...

Hi James,

Thanks for your info. It's good to know. Seems they have glitches, that unless I go somewhere else and pay, I will just have to live with. For now, I must live with it.

Pamela said...

Now I'm scared.
I've been reviewing the 'BACK UP YOUR BLOG" suggestions and it gave me anxiety attack just reading it.

I haven't checked to see if you republished and they came back okay.

Mr. Althouse said...

Hey Betty!

To answer your question... honestly I couldn't say. I've been so busy, I haven't had a chance to do much with Blogger. I don't use ad sense, so I can't say... Now for the canned stuff, sorry!

Sorry I don't get a chance to comment much anymore, life got exceedingly busy in a short period of time.

I'll be honest in that this is not entirely a social call. I have been selected to compete in a local blogging competition on the isssues facing America. It's sponsored by a business-lifestyle magazine linked to an event put on ny the Sac Chamber of Commerce.

The event is probably geared towards a slightly right-of-center audience (business people), but I'm ok with that. I posted today about it with all the appropriate links. I'd appreciate it if you would take a look - it kicks off on Tuesday.



JERKJ said...

My blogging is few & far between. So I can say that I've noticed a dramatic change with the ads popping in (or up, as it were) since the last time. As far as the technical stuff goes, ignorance is bliss. I'm just happy there's a friendly geek in tech support when I have trouble. Have a blast on your rides. I'm jealous!

Biker Betty said...

Hi Pamela,
I guess sometime I will have to review "Backing up your blog." I didn't realize they had instructions for that. I've made a copy of my template and saved it in "Word." I think that should work for the basic. But probably not all the posts.

I did repost and it's still there.

Hi Mike,
I will have to go over and check out your special project.

Hi Jerkj,

I've really been trying to learn and understand how these blog templates work. I love tweaking my template and seeing what happens. I'm finding that with Blogger things happen and a person justs has to live with it and try to fix it, if possible. Thanks for stopping by.

Darlene said...

Betty. If you have trouble in the future, I would copy your sidebar stuff to a word document. You can highlight the entire template html. Then you can go into Blogger and choose new template. It won't erase your posts at all, just the sidebar stuff. Then you could re-ad your sidebar info. and you won't have lost the work that you did.

I'm guessing that they mean you will loose your template. Not your posts. Good luck!


Biker Betty said...

Hi Darlene, thanks for the tips.

Tricia said...

I'm back! Hey, I checked out Betty's Other blog, yes, you should think about starting a photoblog sometime. You certainly have nice scenery to take photos of, and well, a nice bike to put in the pictures now and then too. :) Back to WENDY'S. :)

This is my first casting call too.

Madmaxim X! said...

Greetings Biker Betty!

My name is Eric and I recently purchased a 1985 Yamaha Maxim X XJ700XN and LOVE it. I wish I had gotten started riding sooner.

Anyhow, feel free to read my blog! I just started posting not too long ago, but I try to post something nearly every day.

Your blog is great! You sound as if riding bikes for you is a lot of fun. That's the way I feel! The scavenger hunt sounds fun too! I have a few friends who scoot, and maybe I'll make a scavenger hunt for us.

Thank you for your diligence in writing. I'll be back to read more.