Monday, August 28, 2006

The Wonderful "Find" in Victor
In my previous post I mentioned that in Victor I found a bunch of great scavenger hunt finds. Here is the one that I am willing to share. I'm not far into Victor when my eyes sparkle with glee! I have found a scavenger hunt find that I thought I would never get - a Limo!! Yahooo!!! I turn around and park my purple beauty next to it to get a photo. I'm so excited. Yes, my life must be pretty mundane, lol.

As I'm crossing the road to get my photo a gentleman comes around the corner of the house and asks if he could help me with anything. So I say "If you're the driver of this limo, then yes." He says he is and I ask if I could get his picture with the limo (extra points in the scavenger hunt for a driver). As you can see by the picture above, he was happy to help.

Then he insists on getting my photo with the limo. Afterwards we get to chatting. His name is Tony and he and his wife are owners of the limo, a store, a bed & breakfast and some other things. His store was closed, but I got to see the inside while he was hunting for flyers and their business card. I've got some to hand out to people. They have a little shop with an eclectic array of items. If I remember right, there was even some Harley Davidson Beer Cans. It was fun looking around at all there was. Many things they sell are made locally. I spied some tie-dye shirts hanging on the wall, with a color - bet you can't guess ;) - I liked. Well, they didn't have my size, but I've put one on order. If you guessed "purple," then you win . . . a Biker Betty high five, lol. These shirts are made locally.

How about that neat old motorcycle above? I forgot what model Tony said it is.

So, if you ever make it to Victor, Colorado and need a place to stay, you might want to look into this. Above is the info. Tony was more then happy to have me post all this info for you. You can click on the picture to read it better. At this time, they accommodate 2-4 people in the bed & breakfast. It's a cute little house that is attached to their store.

Just outside of Victor are old abandoned mining buildings. Above is one of them. This is an area rich in history. It was a fun day to be out riding and I met some really nice people.

So, fellow MSR'rs, if you still need a limo for the scavenger hunt you can look up Tony. He'd be happy to help you.

Wishing You Adventurous Journeys,

Betty :)


Lucky said...

Hey Betty,

Great ride report. I've never thought about doing a scavenger hunt as a means to justify my two-wheeled wandering; but I like it! I'll admit that it's often more fun when you can add a goal to each motorcycle trip - In my case it's often lighthouses. I'll ride down that often overlooked dirt road to get to an old lighthouse, snap a few pics, then be on my merry way. There's just something about these old beacons that interests me. Oh well, enough of my rambling...


Biker Betty said...

Hi Lucky,

I have eaten up more than a thousands miles of road, all for this scavenger hunt, lol. I have seen parts of Colorado that may have taken many years to get to or never.

I think lighthouses are cool. It would be fun to gather pictures of them. That would be hard for me to do, since I'm nowhere near any of the coastlines. I will have to look for them in your posts.

Take Care, Betty :)

Lucky said...

Man, this "2 Luckies" deal is going to get confusing...

Arizona Lucky says - Abandoned motorcycles make me cry, even when they're holding flowers.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

FABULOUS that you got a "limo"!

Yes, FF..very very sad...I think she ison substances that are abusive!

Pamela said...

always a kick.............

PresentStorm said...

That sounds like so much fun. How cool of him to let you take a pic and give you some info for others.

Thanks for sharing your adventure :)

Samantha said...

Oohh Scavenger Hunts are ALWAYS fun!! Over from Wendy's again :)

Biker Betty said...

Hi Lucky from Arizone, I can tell the two of you apart by your avitars, lol. Just don't change them!!

Hi Naomi, Isn't the limo cool. In the sun it sparkles with the metal fleck paint. I'm betting FF is on drugs and sorry about that, sigh.

Hi Pamela, Thanks for stopping by. I'm still chuckling over your post "When Our Cat Said Woof."

Hi Presentstorm & Samantha, Thanks for coming over from the Casting Call. Yes, it was cool of him to let me take his pic.

Karina said...

Hi Biker Betty,
I enjoyed reading your blog, very cool.
This photo of a limo and bike looks wonderful.
I think tony can open a Limo hire company and make money!!!