Friday, August 18, 2006

I Won!!!

I just can't believe I won!!! My older son took the message and when he showed it to me, you'd thought I had won the one million dollar lottery (Yahooooo!!). I entered a drawing at BMW-Ducati of Southern Colorado in Colorado Springs for a chance to win a free IPOD. I wanted to go there anyway, because of the outstanding ladies of MotoFemina Cast. I wanted to see the F650GS that they were in competition for. As it turned out, the dealership didn't have that motorcycle at that time. It's sooo popular, they can't keep it in stock. Above is JoAnne awarding me the IPOD. I didn't get all the names of the people working there today, but thank you to everyone there and to BMW-Ducati of Southern Colorado

Here is all the cool stuff that came in the box. I can't wait to start downloading all the songs I want to hear while driving my Yamaha V-Star 650 motorcycle *smile* down the road. Is this motorcycle too cool or what? Above is the BMW F650GS. This time they had one, but it's awaiting its new owner (sob). Eric was kind enough to let me hop on and see how it fits. It was lowered at the factory for the new owner (which isn't me *sob, sniff*). I do really like this motorcycle, but even lowered it's still about 2" too high. I guess, too, when I do get the next bike I also want more cc's then 650. I have seen a lot of people on tippy toes this summer, so I can't believe there isn't a market out there for shorter bikes. I just can't see how slimming two inches within the frame can be that hard. With all the brilliant designs these engineers do, come on!!

This motorcycle is neat, because it's dual road/dirt and the sport bikes are a little lighter in weight. I do love the sporty look. This motorcycle is even more awesome in person. The photo doesn't do it just. You'll have to go into your local dealership and see these for yourself. When I put my feet up on the pegs it fits perfect and is very comfortable. There are also some other pretty awesome motorcycles there, too. Just way too tall for me *pout!*.

So listen up BMW Motorcycles Corporation!!! You need to design a motorcycle just like the F650GS, but for shorter people like me (5'1-1/2" high) and with more cc's. So here's the challenge and if you need a model and tester, I'd be happy to help you out (especially for testing) *wink, wink*. Oh, a model in purple would be nice.


Mike Werner said...

Hey, congrats. Now you can ride and listen to cool music. I sue custom made earplugs with tiny loudspeakers. Turn the music volume low, and listen while riding... just heaven !!!

Biker Betty said...

Hi Mike,

Thanks. I had it up and playing yesterday. It is so awesome to have so many albums on such a tiny piece of technology!! Those ear plugs sound really neat. I will have to check them out.

Betty :)

Christine said... that's what you've been doing!! Sneaky girl!!

Congrats on your win!!!

Yes, those dual purpose bikes are really cool, aren't they? I sat on a Buell and my legs were about six inches from the ground!! Whazzup with that??

Welcome to the ranks of the tune players....I never go anywhere without you well are aware of....


The Q said...

Congrats Betty, I am sure you will love it... I bought the Ipod shuffle and now I am ready for the real one... I have not found earphones that allow me to hear the music while riding let me know if you find somthing that works good for you...

Biker Betty said...

Hi Christine,

Thanks. Yep, I have definitely seen you with your IPOD and some of your gadgets that go with it, lol. I got mine all loaded with music Saturday night and got out on the road to Cripple Creek (did 143 miles) today to try it out. WOW, it is soooo much nicer than my MP3. I can easily work it with my gloves on, unlike the other player.

Hi Q,

Thanks and thanks for stopping by. I was totally surprised that the earphones it came with work great with my helmet. I really didn't think they would. They work better then what I had on my other player. I think helmet design plays alot with how different earphones work.

Beaker said...

Well done Betty!! Tunes on your bike from now on.

Funny you should post info about the BMW - I just read a review on a local site about a R1200GS and have been checking them out since - they do sound like they would be great to ride. The BIG plus for these is that you can safely negotiate any type of track.

Maybe my next ride - you just never know!!

Biker Betty said...

Hi Beaker,

Thanks. Yea, the dual road/dirt riding is what caught my eye. Those are sharp bikes. You will have to let me know if you ever get one.

Lucky said...

Betty - congrats on the iPod! I share your point of view regarding the lack of motorcycles available for the short-of-inseam. Last year I was looking around for a second bike that my wife (5'4") could learn on. She wasn't really interested in cruisers and chrome, so my choices were quite limited. BMW's F650CS finally got the nod (with the factory "low seat" option at no extra charge). Is it underpowered? I don't find so. Top-gear roll-on acceleration (60 to 80 mph) is at 4.77 seconds; that's almost on par with a Buell XB9S, and it easily trumps an HD Sportster 1200 or Yamaha Warrior. Unfortunately, most dual-sport bikes are way up to allow more ground clearance.


Biker Betty said...

Hi Lucky, thanks for stopping by. It does seem that there are very few sport bikes for shorter people. Since your wife is 5'4" and she had a hard time, that just confirms it.

Glad to hear she likes the BMW F650CS. I had a sneaky suspicion that they were a pretty powerful bike. I would love to take one for a spin. But all would be for naught. My husband gets the next newer bike. He had bought an older bike and while it works great, he'd like a V-twin model in a year closer to 2006, lol.