Monday, September 04, 2006

Motorcycle Scavenger Hunt VS My Dignity

The Mountain Shadow Riders Scavenger Hunt is soon coming to a close (Oct 31st). I’m sad to see this. It has been a lot of fun this summer trying to locate as much as I could of the just over 350 items on the list. It started April 1st and I have been sharing some of it with you thru the summer.

Just this last week I got out and located about 30 more items within the city. Now I’m getting to some of the more goofier stuff. It’s stuff that I wonder if it’s worth the 10 points to get. Yah, I have no problem getting a pic of my motorcycle in front of a “mattress store,” and if I’m in the photo wearing pajamas, I get for 10 extra pts!!! I can just hear my “Dignity O’Meter” going down: da-ding, da-ding!!!

I’m not sure I’m up to wearing pj’s in public, lol. Oh sure, I can get there and then slip them on over my clothes. BUT!!! Someone is most likely going to see me, YIKES!! Not to mention my husband is going to laugh his head off.

Then there’s the “Costume Shop.” No problem, I can drive up and get a photo there, but I can get 10 extra pts if I’m wearing a costume in the photo!!! Once again I hear the ‘ol “Dignity O’Meter” going down: da-ding, da-ding, da-ding, da-ding!!!

After an incident this last week, maybe I can do these things. My husband & I cruised up to one more item on the list – “A Strip Club.” My husband found this for me, as I had no clue where one was. Well, it turns out there’s one not far from our house, hmm . . . how’s my husband know this? LOL. Okay, we get up to this place and I get in position for the picture.

But wait my husband get this gleam in his eye’s and decides we need to change things a little. He tells me to pretend to strip for the pic, lol. Well, there are three guys in the next lot over eyeing us. You can tell they are wondering what we are doing. I agree and pretend, but my husband takes FOREVVVERR with the camera!! I’m getting uncomfortable doing this, the guys are liking this and my husband is having a blast. Okay, for the record, nothing much happened. I just messed with my motorcycle jacket. How sexy can that get? By the photo above, not much.

It’s the next day when I get to thinking about this that I realized I was also facing out to the street and all those cars going by were probably wondering what in the world was I doing? Once again I hear the ‘ol “Dignity O’meter” going down: da-ding, da-ding, da-ding, da-ding!!! I just hope nobody I knew was in any of those cars, lol. I’m just glad a cop car never went by.

After that, you’d think I had enough, but NO!! I go to a “Skating Rink” and “rider wearing skates” is an extra 10 pts. I pick a time when it’s closed. I drive up and my heart sinks. There’s a car parked right about were I need to park and there’s people in it, sigh. Okay. I park and quickly get the skates on (but knowing I’m being watched I can’t get the skate on fast enough, lol). How’s the “Dignity O’meter?” It’s going down: da-ding, da-ding, da-ding, da-ding!!! I’m feeling pretty silly with those people watching. I get ready to leave and they then drive away. I quickly get the skate back on to get my husband to take a photo without their car in it.

Then there’s “Fitness Gym” and an extra 10 pts if “rider is wearing workout clothing.” Turns out all the gyms I find have huge glass windows all across their fronts. So the one I pick, I park and quickly get into the final gear. Jump on my bike and pose. I’m feeling eyes boring into my back and I just want to get the shot and get out of there, lol. I feel my “Dignity O’meter” going down again: da-ding, da-ding, da-ding, da-ding!!! YeaGads!! By the look of the above photo I’d better head for a gym, lol.

I don’t mind finding the stuff where I can quickly get in, get the photo with my bike (and me included at times) and get out without much notice. But this last week I got lots of quizzical looks from people. The items lately are more out in public and that’s tough for me. But hey, I’m finding that I’m actually up to the challenge (most of the time, lol).

I’ve already surprised myself by going into a fire station and asking some of the fire fighters if I could get them in my photo. When I first looked thru the list and saw fire fighters in a photo were extra points, I thought, “well I won’t do that.” I thought I’d die of embarrassment if I did. Well, I did ask and I’m still alive, lol.

I find a “street with my first name.”

So will I let my “Dignity O’Meter” drop a few points for a few goofy photos? Will I wear pajamas at a mattress store and/or a costume at a costume store? I really don’t know. I guess time will tell, lol.


Pamela said...

okay.... what if you don't wear pajama to bed?

just thinking of your dignity meter.

Loved your posts on the scavenger hunt. Didn't realize that that kind of fund stuff was still available to adults.

Biker Betty said...

Hi Pamela,, never thought of that, lol.

You know, I never thought about the fact that we adults are getting to "play." I do know my 18 yr old son is jealous of our fun, lol. He wants to play, lol. He doesn't have a motorcycle though.

Lucky said...

Hi Betty,

As always, I get a good chuckle out of reading your continuing scavenger hunt adventures. For what it's worth, a pyjama picture can't be more embarassing than what some folks have to do to get points in the annual Mad Bastards Scooter rally. It seems mondo-points were awarded this year for those brave enough to parade around in their birthday suits! Oh well, I'll let you read about it instead:


Giest said...

all i know is that you better post the costume and pj pic! ;)

Carolee "Trouble" said...

LOL!! Guess where I went today - Skate City (with skates) - TNTs -Sonic -Flea Market- and a few others - so I am feeling your pain!!! I even stepped inside the door to TNTs to see if I could find a "woman in a bikini" -but chickened out and came right back out! Never been in a strip club and don't plan to be anytime soon!

Maybe it's just not worth the ten points!

Michael said...

This scavenger hunt sounds like a blast! I'm going to have to see if I can strike up any interest in something similiar up here in my neck of the woods!

Michael said...
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Biker Betty said...

Hi Lucky - I went to your link to the Mad Bastards Scooter Rally and, yes, their "Dignity O'Meter" definitely got "dinged." LOL. They sounded like they had lots of fun, though.

Hi Giest - If there are any photos, lol.

Hi Carolee - You have been busy. But then I seem to remember you spent a whole weekend a month or so ago dedicated to the scavenger hunt. I can't wait to see how many points we all ended up getting. I take it TNT's is a strip club? I went to look it up in the yellow pages, but there's no "Strip Clubs" section listed, lol.

Hi Michael - This scavenger hunt is defintily a blast. If you check out "Christine's Corner" on my right sidebar, you will see more entries. She also is doing this same scavenger hunt AND she's the author/creator of the list of items we have been hunting out for the last many months.

Carolee "Trouble" said...

Hey Betty - TNTs is "Fabulous TNTs" - Looks like you beat me to it -- in your photo above - I was just there yesterday doing my RatRace Picture...........

Biker Betty said...

OH MY GOSH!!! Talk about a big "DA" to ME!! LOL. Carolee, that is too hilarious! I never took the time to read the sign of the strip club I went to. I was just excited the sign was in "purple." LOL Am I pathetic or what? We went there when it was closed. I bow to you for your willingness to even step foot inside to find a "woman in a bikini."

KT Did said...

Dignity or not dignity the scavenger hunt must go on!!

Tracie said...

Great story!! I know you will do the pic with the pjs've got to get the extra points!

Biker Betty said...

Hi KT - Your right. I'm actually trying to figure out how to do them with as few people as possble seeing me, lol.

Hi Tracie - Thanks for stopping by. I am trying to get up the courage. I'm working on the logistics, lol.