Saturday, June 10, 2006

Tonight We Ride.
I am very excited because in a few hours the Mountain Shadow Riders will be gather for a special event. The Mountain Shadow Riders is a chapter of the National group Women on Wheels. We are a group of ladies who common bond is "We love riding our motorcycles." Whether you do the actual driving, ride the back seat, or just have a love of motorcycles, you are welcome in this group. I have a link to both organizations on my sidebar, if anyone is interested. We are breaking from the norm and having our monthly chapter meeting in the evening. We will gather at 5pm and leave town at 5:30. We usually meet the second Saturday of each month at 9am. The plan is to ride to another town, eat dinner and have our meeting and then ride back.

I can't wait to see everyone. I haven't seen them since the last meeting, except a few that I have bumped into on some other rides. This is a special group of ladies (and some gents) who care for each other. Any time we have a ride, everyone is carefully placed in the line-up, as to experience, for the ride. If anyone is new or uneasy about group formation, then someone will look out for them to ensure they feel welcome and at ease. We do a staggered formation and all signals are reviewed before we take off, just so everyone is on the same page. People are welcome to voice any concerns with this group and not fear any ridicule. I love the openness and acceptance that this group displays.

Among the people tonight will be Christine (above right) and I just bet Wendy (above left). I took this picture on a poker run on May 21st. They were hanging out together for the run. Wendy was proudly (and rightly so) showing off her new trike. She had just recently aquired it before the run.
Can you tell by the smile that she loves it? Her brother made it for her. Wow, what a great brother!!!

So, soon I will be getting on my riding gear and joining the pack for fun, adventure, and camaraderie on my motorcycle. Who could ask for anything better? A great meal?

Safe Journeys in Your Part of the World,

Betty :)


whispers of the morning said...

I hope you had a great time and enjoyed your ride!

Giest said...

that is one heck of a trike! looks awesome. sounds like you have a great group there, betty. safe journey to all of you.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I hope you all have a fabulous time riding together...(You are probably back home by

Tracie said...

How fun! I have to say that I have always secretly wanted to learn how to ride a motorcycle, but have always been a little scared.

Have you ever heard of BACA?

Biker Betty said...

Hi Whispers of the Morning - I had a great time and it's always fun riding with friends.

Hi Giest - The pic is great, but to see it in person is even better. They are a great group and I'm lucky to have found them. Thank you and safe journeys to you to.

Hi Oldoldlady of the hills - Thanks for the well wishes and we did have a fabulous time. Friends, riding, food, sunset, etc all added up to a great time. And that my family was with me made it even better.

Hi Tracie - I first learned to ride in high school. Then I just picked it back up a year ago by taking the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) beginners course. They start you off with baby steps and work you up. At first I was nervous, but with their help, it worked out great. In high school the bike was a 90cc and now I ride a 650cc. If you're interested start with the MSF course and see how that goes. Then if you like it, you have the sound foundation to get started with.

I have hear heard of BACA - Biker's Against Child Abuse. They have two chapters in Colorado, Canon City & Lamar. There isn't one in my city. I wasn't sure exactly what they did, so I went to your link. Watching the video made me choke up. Anyone who abuses children are cowards and what BACA does to help abused kids is awesome, terrific, outstanding... I encourage everyone to check out Tracie's link for BACA.