Friday, June 16, 2006

Biker Betty’s Weight Loss Plan

**As with any weight loss plan, first consult your doctor.
(Disclaimer: Now I know that you understand that what you are about to read you will take in the good nature it was intended. This isn't a real plan, so be careful out there in the heat and sun this summer.)

The other day I was out riding my V-Star when this wonderful idea hit me. I need to lose some weight (and don’t most of us?) and while out and about this brilliant plan came to mind.

Here’s a list of the following things you will need:

First – you will need a motorcycle (Yea!!!)
Second – Wait till it’s at least 90-94 degrees Fahrenheit, but has a slight breeze.
Third – You need a long list of errands to do. The longer the list the better, something that will take at least 1-2 hours.
Fourth – and this is important – wear ALL your gear. Helmet, jacket, gloves, tall boots, & leathers.
Fifth – need lots of water (of course, any weight-loss program requires this)

This whole plan came to mind (maybe it was half-baked by then, lol) after about two hours of running errands on my motorcycle. As most of you know Father’s Day is this Sunday, and I still needed to find that elusive gift for my husband from his sons. So with all the listed requirements above, I headed off. I went to the two major motorcycle stores in town, in hopes of inspiration. Nothing!!! I went to another store I thought of, but can’t mention in case my husband reads this, and they’re all out of what I was looking for (*sigh and frustration*).

By now it’s been about two hours and 29 miles on my motorcycle. The sun is out and I am sweating. Early on I did crack open the full-face shield and that was a great relief. Dejected, I decided it was time to go home and try again another day. So after 37 miles I was empty-handed, but despite the heat I did enjoy the ride. (Note: You have to look for those silver liners.) I figure with as wet as I was from sweat when I got home, I had to of shed at least five pounds!!! Hey!!! A couple of more days and rides like that I can look like Barbie!?!

Side Note: I’m one of those last minute shoppers for holidays and such. So today I find something for my husband. It’s not brilliant like I wanted, but hey, it’s the thought that counts. Right? This is how bad I am with shopping. I get home and tell my youngest son I found something for his Dad and he gets all upset and declares "Today’s Father’s Day?!?"

Wishing All of You Guys out there a Happy Father’s Day,

Betty :)


Mustang said...

awesome weight loss well, in a couple of weeks, the barbie look is certainly happening... but a rather tan barbie !!

Ride safe..

the pic looks awesome !!!


Giest said...

i think you are on to something here. now if you can just market it... ;)

Mike Werner said...

Patent the idea ! Write a book ! Be on TV !!! Call it the BikerBetty Diet!

Biker Betty said...

Hi Mustang, I'm sure the Plan works some, lol. It can sure get hot on those roads in the summer. For the picture, you sure can't go wrong anytime Pikes Peak is in the background.

Hi Giest, hmmm, wonder if there is something to it? It's kind of like a traveling sauna, lol.

Hi Mike, thanks for stopping by. Well, if the Pet Rock can be a huge success (and who'd ever thunk that would be such a success?!?), why not? LOL.

Renkins said...

Ha ha ha good Idea, To bad I don't have a bike. I do sun tan! :-)


Dawn said...

Hmmmm could that be why Patt is so skinny???? Maybe I need to start riding a lot more with him!

Mr. Althouse said...

Hey BB, check these out!

Malissa said...

ha ha;)

Very original!

BJ N said...

Hey Betty, I like your plan. And if I could get a bike right now, I would be ON that plan!

Ride safe!

Vinod said...

thats a great picture.

Biker Betty said...

Thanks for visiting and I'm glad everyone is getting a kick out of it. Betty :)

Alyx said...

I am not good at shopping either. And I do like your diet idea *laughs*

RYC: Since an instinct is something you or I are born with, I don't consider my cooking adventuresome. Getting math out of me ... now THAT would be an adventure! LoL