Saturday, June 03, 2006

Colorado Spring Touring Club Poker Run - Part 2
While still on the bridge I take the above photo. It's a view of the Cripple Creek & Victor Gold Mining Company. It was formed in 1976 and is still running, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Following the directions, we come into Victor. Above is a photo for my Mountain Shadow Riders scavanger hunt. It's in front of the welcome sign of Victor. One of the items is your motorcycle in front of a welcome sign of any city.
We enter Victor on Victor Ave and then go to 2nd St. Turn left onto 2nd St. and go to Diamond Ave. Leave Victor via Teller County Rd 81. We go a few miles and stop to take a picture of this old gold mine (above). Most of the mines in the area date back to the turn of the century. This area is rich in gold mining history.
We travel till 81 intersects State Hwy 67 and then turn right onto 67, heading back to Divide. Along the way we stop and get the above photo of the mountains.
Above is Check Point #4. We are now in downtown Woodland Park at their Rest Area. It's very pretty. I didn't realize it till now, but the two on the motorcycle to the left (one with yellow jacket) are with the Mountain Shadow Riders. Of course, we saw them, but I didn't realize I had taken their photo. We take a brief break, get our cards punched and chat with others. We decide to head back into town, Colorado Springs, for lunch. My husband suggested Taco Johns, and I thought that's a perfect ending to a perfect ride. I absolutely LOVE!! Taco Johns and their Super Potatoe Oles (YumYummm..)
Here is a view of the mountains at the rest area. While it looks a little nasty that direction, we continue to have beautiful weather.

After lunch at Taco John's (YumYummm), we head to our final destination and see how many millions (lol) we have won. Here is another scavanger hunt photo of "my motorcycle in a group of 50 motorcycles." As usual the clouds are coming in, as they usually do in the afternoons. We go in and find out our cards are useless(sigh), but Bill has won a door prize (success after all, yea!!). He won a model of a chopper. It's pretty cool. We hang around a while, he gets a beer and I a water. Then it's off to home.

Another great adventure on our motorcycles and I clocked 135.5 miles.

Wishing you Wonderful Journey's in Your Part of the World,

Betty :)


KT Did said...

looks like an absolute beautiful ride! You have such beautiful skies there! This scavenger hunt sounds like so much fun can't wait to hear the end of this. Okay, tell Bill I won a model of a Harley truck..big winners we are..Ha!

Biker Betty said...

Hi KT,

We can get some really beautiful skies in the morning to mid-afternoon. Then a mid-afternoon haze usually comes in. Colorado is definitely beautiful country, but I do know many other states are beautiful too.

I will tell Bill. He will get a kick out of it (lol). Bet you both wish it was money!!! Now if we can just win that five million dollar lottery!

Giest said...

sounds like it was a wonderful ride, betty! made for a great read and the pictures were the icing on the cake. thanks a lot!

Biker Betty said...

Hi Giest,

Yes, it was a wonderful ride. We went through some great countryside. I love those kinds of roads. It was a great route they had us ride. Glad you like the pics. I love taking them. My husband & I did another run this last Sunday that I will post soon.