Saturday, January 05, 2008

Mountain Shadow Riders 1st Ride 2008

Admittedly, it wasn't a long ride. We seem to be between snow storms at the moment. It was a beautiful day and pretty warm when we started off, but the wind was outrageous. A high wind warning was issued for our city and surrounding areas. We met at a designated spot and at noon rode to Chili's for lunch.

Here's one of our bloggers - Jovi who was on the ride. You can see by her hair how windy it is. Another fellow blogger, that many of you know, Christine was also there, but I didn't get her pic.

I never get my picture (ha!!)

It was a great afternoon with friends and good food. We had a pretty large crowd and lots of laughs. We had four new ladies come out on their motorcycles to see what the Mountain Shadow Riders was about and they told me they had lots of fun. As many regulars know, the Mountain Shadow Riders is a chapter of Women On Wheels. After lunch there was a plan to ride to Penrose, but there was no interest with the high winds. It was noticably colder going home. The wind was bad, but manageable. I have been in worse winds. It was another good day of riding, even if it was short. In this case it was quality, not quantity.

Wishing You Winter Adventures,

Biker Betty :)


Janet said...

Just wanted to say HI, I just found your blog through Becky's blog at BikerChickzBlog... sure enjoying reading all your stuff, take care and keep up the great blogging work! ~ Janet, another blogger at!

Nekked Lizard Man said...

I think I got here through RWA or some other degree portal - but I wanted to say how close I think you are to us! You mentioned Penrose and "Chili's" for lunch. that must be Canon City - the only Chilis around. Anyway, yes very windy here and hope you are enjoying the short reprieve we have before the next storm comes through. Nice to meet you - Visit our blog and see if you recognize anything. There is also a lady from Westclift who blogs frequently. NLM.

Biker Betty said...

Wow, it's neat to meet two more bloggers.

Janet & NLM, you both have great blogs.

Janet has a neat link on how to make a doo rag and it's very informative and funny to read.

NLM has a really neat Round Robin Photo Challenge he participates in and I did sign up for that.

I will be visiting both again.

Biker Betty :)

irondad said...

Once upon a time I was the Road Captain for a motorcycle club. I miss those meal stops. They really help keep the enthusiasm going, don't they?

Biker Betty said...

Hi Irondad,

Thanks for stopping by. I'm always inspired by the information you share as a MSF Instructor. And yes, those meal stops do wonders for the enthusiasm amoung the riding group. After riding for a couple of hours and stopping for a meal, it's fun sharing the ride, our lives and friendship. I enjoy riding on my own, but I also enjoy the group rides I do. It all embodies what I love about motorcycling. I also enjoy when I feel the zen of the technique of riding. When the turns feel so right.

Jovita said...

Thank goodness the wind covered up my helmet hair! LOL I’m such a mess.

It was great chatting with you again and I’m looking forward to riding with you again. Oh yes I will be there Saturday… until then have a great week. Jovi

Biker Betty said...

Hi Jovi,
It was great chatting with you and getting to know you a little more. That was some wind. See you Saturday :)