Monday, January 07, 2008

I'm Not Vain, Am I ?!?

I hope Jovi doesn't mind that I borrowed this photo from her blog. Till I checked her blog, I didn't realize she caught a shot of me riding as we (the Mountain Shadow Riders) were all getting ready to leave for our ride and lunch that I talked about in the previous post. Jovi got a few nice shots of our ride that day. Go on over and see.

Now that it is winter I have had to put away my purple Joe Rocketmesh motorcycle jacket and pull out my much needed and warmer red Fieldsheer motorcycle jacket. The purple helmet clashes with the red jacket, sigh. I do still have the red helmet, but it just doesn't fit as nice as my ICON purple helmet.

Women's FXRG® Midweight Leather Jacket

The above is the jacket I would love to get some day, but the sticker shock of $560 is a bit high. I'm pretty sure the price has gone up since the last time I longingly looked at it a year ago at our local Pikes Peak Harley Davidson store. It has pockets in the liner to put insertable hot packets that you use for camping. If I had just bought something like this when I was first looking, I wouldn't need to be buying another jacket. I also like this jacket because it has the all-important armor in it that I always look for in a motorcycle jacket.

I bought the above motorcycle jacket so that I would be seen on the road. It has worked. It is a sharp looking jacket. I stand out with all my riding buddies who all wear the black leather jackets, but now it is dingy and very dirty. I dare you to click on the photo to see the dirt/grease spots on the neck, front and arms!! On the cleaning lable it says "Gently sponge outer jacket with a non-biological detergent." Do you really think that's going to clean this?!?!?

It would be easy to keep a leather jacket clean and it's way more durable. It is hard for me to find the leather jacket for me, as I require armor in mine. There are so many leather jackets out there without the armor. It's like wearing a helmet, it's the individual choice. I'm really impressed with the HD jacket and all that was designed in it. So we will see If it works into the future budget now that I'm working full-time.

But for now, I wear a purple helmet with the red jacket. It's not a pretty sight, but it keeps me pretty warm and riding. When it comes down to it, that's what is most important. What kind of jacket do your wear? Is there armor? Are you color coordinated, lol?

Wishing you adventures in your part of the world,

Biker Betty :)


Donna said...

My husband's sister and her hubby have the HD leather jackets with armor. They can zip up some vents to let air through in warmer weather, which I think is also a nice feature. They got theirs on sale a couple years ago, but I'm pretty sure they still paid around $500 each for theirs.

Dawn said...

Patt pretty much matches...somewhat. He wears leather pants (that are a must...I don't care how hot it gets in the summer) and he has a blue and black leather jacket. They get expenise but that's one area I won't complain about the price...I want him in leathers :)

Hope you're doing good!!!

bikerphoto said...

Jackets are expensive no doubt. I wear my black leather year round, taking out the liner or adding layers underneath as necessary. Next summer I want a mesh jacket with armor. Thanks for the comments on my blog.

Beaker said...

I really don't think it matters too much on how you look, as long as your comfortable. If the colors clash you can be sure you will be noticed, which is our main goal.

Having said that, I recently purchased a Cortech DSX denim jacket for riding in. I love denim, it is relatively cool comapred to my leather and the blue fits in with my bike color, but I really wanted the armour before wearing one on the bike.

Biker Betty said...

Hi Donna,
I just really like this jacket. I have a feeling that if I get it, it will be my last cold weather purchase. I know it's lots of money, but it seems very well made.

Hi Dawn,
Considering he had that terrible motorcycle accident (about a year ago was it?), I can see why you are true believers.

Hi Bikerphoto,
Thanks for stopping by. I love my mesh jacket in the summer. My first summer I suffered with the red jacket, but Christine over at Christine's Corner loaned me her's to try and I was hooked. The following summer I got mine.

Hi Beaker,
Your are so right about comfort and visibility. I have been really noticed in the summer with all my purple gear, guess it probably won't work well for the guys, lol. I aught to go and get those purple pony tails to attach to my helmet, lol. I've noticed that denim is becoming more popular.

Linda R. Moore said...

Ah, there you are!

Lately the only thing on my mind has been warmth, not looks. I have these big, dorky riding pants and a Kilimanjaro II jacket with bright yellow highlights (rather grubby and a bit ripped up now). Armor is definitely required. I also have a leather jacket with armor, but don't wear it that much as it doesn't come down far over my back. I'd wear it more if I could fit into its matching pants, but I haven't been able to do that for years. ;)

My helmets never match.

Btw, since last we talked, I have another blog just for biking:

Biker Betty said...

Reading your blog, it sounds like it gets very cold your way too. Keeping warm is my #1 priority. I've seen those Kilimanjaro jackets, but I want to steer away from synthetic jackets. I seem to go thru one about every two years. My red jacket is still holding together great, it's just extremely filthy and dingy.

I especially hate it when my fingers freeze in cold weather riding. I have a friend with heated grips and she loves them.

Pamela said...

glad you dress for safety. A friend of ours (and his 11 year old son) had a wreck on his bike. The kid is fine, but the father's leg is bummed forever. AND THEN, his first trip out on his bike after recuperating, a friend of HIS rode with him and had had a horrific accident that no one knows how he survived.

lisa's chaos said...

Wow the jackets are kinda expensive aren't they! Warm memories and hope it warms up so you can ride soon.

Lucky said...

Clean your jacket?

Those dead bugs and grime are marks of honor! Don't wipe them away.

Kold_Kadavr_flatliner said...
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