Sunday, February 01, 2009

Congratulations Pittsburgh Steelers!!!

Super Bowl XLIII

Final Score

Pittsburgh Steelers 27

Arizona Cardinals 23

This was an awesome Super Bowl to watch and congratulations to the Steelers for a hard fought game. It was very close to the end. It looked like the Cardinals were going to win in the fourth quarter. The Steelers Santonio Holmes pulled off an incredible touch down at the very end to win the game. He did an excellent job at the edge of the touchdown zone and held it.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are the first franchise to win 6 Super Bowls!!!


Donna said...

I don't even like football, but that was SOME game!

Biker Betty said...

Hi Donna,
It sure was and I actually enjoyed watching it, lol. I try to catch the Raiders (my team growing up), the Bronco (they're our local team here) and the Redskins (where we were stationed for 8 years while in the Air Force)when I'm not busy doing anything else.

Beaker said...

Can't wait to watch it once I get home from work tonight. Nothing better than a close game!!

Lisa said...

Hey Biker Betty. What a cool blog. I only watched the first half. Hubby watched the whole thing. Time for Warner to retire for real this time. Your love puppy is really too cute. He's awful special I can just tell.

irondad said...

I didn't watch it, yet. That's what recording devices are for. I ended up too far away from home on the bike to get back in time. Although I already knew the score so you didn't spoil the surprise!

eam said...

It would have been sweeter victory if Kurt Warner delivered for the Arizona Cardinals.

I don't watch football and do not know a thing about the game but I've read Kurt Warner's story and his life is one heck of a story! Would have added a great and colorful legendary career profile for him... :-)

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