Tuesday, June 03, 2008

RIP Jessica Terrell

Today I have been doing a little house cleaning of my blog. I was going thru my links, as I have discovered that some blogs have retired. But sadly I also discovered a fellow motorcyclist had passed away in January of this year. I actually learned of this tragic accident thru Helmet Hair magazine.com. I go to the MotoFeminia website occasionally to see if a new project has begun. Jessica actually died in a car accident and the little bit of information of her and what happened is about half way down the page here.

I got to know Jessica thru the MotoFemina project a few years ago. MotoFemina ran from April thru September 2006. It was a lot of fun chatting with Jessica, Synth and Laura as they learned to ride motorcycles and compete to win a BMW F 650 GS. They had to do and learn so much that summer. You can still go back and read all about it in the MotoFemina link above. Jessica is the one who one the contest.

So I'm sitting here stunned and sad by the information I have just learned a little while ago. My thoughts and prayers are with her family.

Everyone, take care with whatever you travel in,

Biker Betty

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