Thursday, October 26, 2006

Thanks Blizzard !! - No Motorcycling for a few days, hmff!!

Here's what I woke up to this morning thanks to what they are calling the Blizzard of '06. So, it looks like I won't get to ride my motorcycle for at least a few days, lol. Even though I haven't posted recently, I have been out riding. Mainly I've been just riding around town doing my errands. But what better way? Then on my motorcycle, Yah!!!

Just this last week my husband told me that I put more miles this last year on my motorcycle then the van I usually drive. He's been doing oil changes on our vehicles. During the summer it was nice to only have to gas up the van once a month (and sometimes longer). It could have been longer, but I can't figure out how to do the family grocery shopping and bring home all those groceries on my motorcycle, lol.

Here's my son and a friend having a blast. They are meetings friends and going sledding. My son didn't actually miss school today. Today and tomorrow he didn't have school, as they are doing teacher conferences. I don't know about you, but I remember when teacher conferences were done at night and I still had school to go to, sigh. Kids now a days have it sooooo easy!! So my son is upset that this didn't happen on an actual school day, lol. My husband has been teasing him about that.

As soon as the roads have dried and the sand has been picked up, I will be back to my errands on my motorcycle. So my V-Star 650 is not put away for the winter, Yah!!!! I'm just very careful when and where I go during the winter. And it depends on how hard we get hit with bad weather during the winter.

Sadly, I don't get up into the mountains during the winter. Often times the roads do allow it, but it's just too cold. I'm not yet set up for very cold driving. Some of you out there have the heated hand grips and heated vests to help, but I won't be able to get any of that for probably a few winters at least. I'm still trying to find decent winter gloves. Some of you have heard me gripe about my present gloves. They aren't women's gloves and the fingers are too long. I had bought a size men's small. It's hard to find women's gloves, as the motorcycle stores here mainly carry the men's sizes. I didn't realize the problem when I first bought them. When I drive with these gloves they catch on the clutch and sometimes I end up popping the clutch and killing the engine. I look like (and feel like) I'm just learning to drive a motorcycle again. I'm very disappointed as these gloves were not cheap, sigh. I can say that my hands do stay very warm with them. So the search is on for a decent pair of winter gloves that fit well and keep my hands warm.

So I will close with the beautiful sunset we had today.

Safe Travels In Your Part of the World, Betty :)


Anonymous said...

It may be miserable and cold, but your pictures make it look inviting and gorgeous.

have you tried a regular cyclist shop for gloves. My hubby is an avid bicycle guy and sometimes they have some very interesting gloves.

Kat Campbell said...

Your poor son, what a rip off to have a blizzard on a non-school day! It does look beautiful, and we'll be getting snow soon enough. One of my girlfriends owns Finks Harley Davidson, they may have a website, and I'm sure they carry women sized everything.

Giest said...

eep! that's one heck of a lot of snow! haven't seen any here in the great white north yet.

*fingers crossed*


stay safe, betty!

Biker Betty said...

Hi Pamela, I haven't tried bicycle shops. I will look into that. Thanks for the idea.

Hi Kat, Yep, he'd be the first to say how "poor" he is, lol. He does feel cheated by the whole thing. The Harley stores here just charge too much for most of their stuff. But, it's still worth a look. Thanks.

Hi Giest, I will keep my fingers crossed that your winter doesn't start too soon. Lucky for me, if the winter isn't too bad I can usually get out a few times on a few good days. I understand that's not the case for you. Best wishes for a late winter.

Sabapaks said...

Awesome Sunset Biker Betty!
Wow, the snow in front of your house look even prettier with those trees out there!
As for my blog.. I guess I am denser then I thought when it comes to doing this stuff. I tried the suggestions you gave me but nothing ever happened. No one around here blogs so I guess I will just have to keep at it until I finally come across a step by step blogging for dummies book!
I can not say that I am here from Wendy's today, as I stopped by on my own...well maybe I can, cuz I used the link to your site from there, lol!
be back soon!

Sabapaks said...

Oh! I forgot to ask -- Do motorcycles have chains for mountain biking in the snow?

Anonymous said...

I am so excited to find your website! I have been wanting to learn to ride, it is hard to find support when you are in your 40's. I'm recently divorced and wanting to spread my wings and do something new and out of the ordinary (for me, anyway!) I transplanted to Michigan 3-1/2 years ago for my ex-husband's job. I need something just for me. I am also "diminutive" (5'3") and was thrilled to hear that a woman of my stature could still ride. Are Harleys too large for shorter women? Keep up the good work, it's a great blog! --Sue

Biker Betty said...

Hi Sue,

Thanks for the encouraging words. I have see quite a few women in their 40's learning to ride. You might want to look into joining a women's riding group like Women on Wheels (WOW). There is groups all over the United States. I joined the group in my area and they are such a wonderful support system. There's a link in my right sidebar for WOW. You can see if there is a local chapter in your area.

I'm not too familiar with Harley's. I believe their lower cc bikes would probably fit you fine. The only way to know is to just go to their showroom and sit on their bikes. If one is slightly too high, they can probably lower it some. Most bikes can be lowered a few inches. I was lucky that the first bike I tried fit me perfectly and that's my Yamaha V-
Star 650. I bought it used. I love it and Yamaha has some awesome V-Stars new and used.

For me the perfect fit is when I sit on it and both feet are perfectly flat on the ground. This way when I'm on a slight incline, I can still reach the ground and it's sometimes on slight tiptoes. You don't realize the slight inclines in the road surface till your on a motorcycle, lol.

Another great tip when just starting to ride is to take the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF)Beginners course. I cannot say enough wonderful things about this course. It got me going in the right and safe direction. I took the course before buying my bike and it helped me in what to look for and what to look for in safety gear to wear. The price puts people off, but it is soooo worth every penny. I have a link for that too.

Good luck in finding the bike for you. Please visit again. I'd love to hear how it's going.

Betty :)

Anonymous said...

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