Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Part 2 - Ride with Christine

Before I report more on my ride with Christine, I wanted to let you know that I was able to ride the Pikes Peak H.O.G. 5 in 1 Run. Thank you for all your well wishes. I'm sure it was due to your good vibes that my toe healed enough for the ride. It was fun and I will tell you all about it, after this ride. Thanks again.

Continuing on with my ride: After Christine and I finished our lunch we rolled out the door and onto our bikes. We ate wayyyyy too much food, burp. The portions were huge and the food was very yummy. We got back onto our motorcycles and onto Hwy 24 West. At Buena Vista we took Hwy 24 North and not far down the road we stopped.

Christine, in the lead, knew I still needed a "National Park sign" and stopped for me to get this. Thanks Christine :)

(Note: I accidently deleted the photo that was here and Blogger at this time won't let me reload it, POUT!!! I will try to install later.)

Here's another view at the same stop. Just this last weekend I went through this area again and because of all the rain it was even greener then the above picture.

Here we stopped for yet another scavanger hunt photo "Scenic Byways Sign." Aren't those cool sunglasses Christine is wearing? She had recently bought them at a ski shop. They are actually skiing sunglasses, but work great for motorcycling. She says people are telling her she looks like a bug with them on, and actually in this photo she does look like a bug, sorry Christine, lol.

When we stopped here we scared the cows. Here's a photo of them running for the hills, lol. They didn't appreciate us stopping here, sniff.

We were so excited about getting the above photo for the scavanger hunt, only to find out later that it's the wrong fish hatchery!!! Come on Christine, you wrote the list, lol!!! What's even more hilarious is that one of the workers was leaving and telling us we have just got to go see Turquoise Lake. Well, we were in a hurry to get lots more for the scavanger hunt and didn't want to take the time to see this lake. We found out later that it WAS on the list. We were good enough to laugh at ourselves and, besides, it's a reason to have to come back later and get a photo.

Above is the National Mining Hall of Fame and Museum in Leadville. We were sooo lucky to be able to get an open space right in front. All the other spots were full and they were pretty busy that day. It's hard to tell, but the parking spot had an evil slope to it and we pulled right up onto the sidewalk to avoid it. We had to be extremely careful backing up. Like I have said before, this hunt has really helped to improve my skills in manuevering my motorcycle. Trying to get near some of this stuff to get a photo has been tricky at times.

So after getting the above shot we hop back on our bikes, carefully backing up and then head off out of town. Later we discovered there were actually a few more things in Leadville that we didn't get!! Oh well, we look forward to another ride to get them along with Turquoise Lake.

So, not realizing our error, we head out of Leadville. We're not far out of Leadville when Christine holds up her left hand and points up. Not recognizing this signal, I look up and wonder. After a while she then holds up her hand with two fingers. I'm really puzzled by now. When she holds up three fingers, all I can think of is "what have I done?" You know, "three strikes you're out." Well, she hasn't pulled over and when she gets to "five" my light bulb finally comes on, lol. She's signaling the mile markers!!! I needed a pic of "Mile Marker 6" and we pulled over when it came up. I shared with her my puzzlement of her signals and we had a good laugh.

Sadly, here I must end for now. I will continue soon. Right now I have some things I must do.

Till Later, Safe Travels, Betty :)


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

What a trip you both had! I admire you Betty for your bravery on that bike! They scare the hell out of me...(I probably have said this before--sorry if I am repeatng myself---That's how much they scare me! lol)
I look forward to more of your trip when you can post it...!

Pamela said...

I tell the hubby ..." hey let us sell it all and be bikers."

.... I probably say that about every 6 months.

but I'm always kidding.

Your pictures and narrative are almost like being there tho...

I'll just hang out with you for a web ride!!!

Christine said...

Yes, I *DO* look like a bug, eh??? But hey, they work and I like them. Now, if I could only find my Wileys........

Dawn said...

I just love what beautiful land you get to see. When we ride it's just riding around town. Love the pictures! I'm so jealous :(

Have a great day.

KT Did said...

The adventures you two have and with so much fun....riding is fun--isn't it!? Like kids in the candy store...or should I say biker store!

Biker Betty said...

Hi Naomi,

It was a fun trip. When I first got on a motorcycle last year, it was a bit scary. I just took my time and the rest is history.

Hi Pamela,

You're always welcome for a ride-a-long. My husband and I really enjoy getting out on our bikes.

Hi Christine,

They are very "Cool" sunglasses and I know you have a blast wearing them.

Hi Dawn,

You and Patt must get out of town. We do have gorgeous country, but I know everyone else does too.

Hi KT,

Thanks for stopping by. I love reading about your adventures too. Biking IS FUN!! Yaa Hooo!!